8+ Best Tomatoes to Grow for Salsa (With Pictures)

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What are some of the best Tomatoes to Grow for Salsa? Tomatoes are the most famous variety of plants that are grown for both domestic and market purposes. They are mostly grown in the summers and need sufficient sunlight to grow healthier. But, they do not resist high heat and start getting yeast infections. Many gardeners face problems like cracked tomatoes during this period.

Temperature is an important factor in the growth of every plant. You may have seen various plants get affected by sudden rise or fall in temperature. Some plants are grown in summer while some are best for winter. This is due to the growth habitat that each species of plant has.

So, in this article, we will suggest the best tomato varieties that you should grow in hot and dry climatic areas so that you don’t suffer any loss. We will also give you some tips to grow tomatoes just like Queen of the Night Cactus in hot dry climates so that you don’t face any problems during their cultivation. 

Best tomato varieties to grow in hot and dry climates – Best Tomatoes to Grow for Salsa

Tomatoes are a widely used plant in the field of gardening. It gives a dynamic and delicious taste to our food. There are so many health-related benefits provided by tomatoes to our bodies. In this section, we have discussed the top 8 best varieties of tomatoes that you can easily grow in hot and dry climates. 

1. Phoenix Tomato 

The Phoenix tomato was designed particularly for tolerating the intense heat of locations like Arizona and South Texas. On a very small yet robust plant, this cultivar bears trusses of plump, crimson-red tomatoes. 

With high heat tolerance capacity, these tomatoes are determined and take 70-75 days to grow red large sized tomatoes. These species are also disease resistant and do not suffer through cracking even in heavy rainfalls. These are the best choices for both indoor and outdoor gardening. 

2. Thessaloniki Tomato 

An old heirloom well-adapted to the Mediterranean heat, the Thessaloniki tomato is a robust, durable variety excellent for arid areas. 

The variety, which originated in Greece and was brought to the US in the 1950s, was favored by market growers due to its inherent resistance to drought and consistent production of uniform tomatoes up until more productive hybrids became the norm. They take 75 to 80 days to grow and can be open-pollinated. 

3. Arkansas Traveler Tomato 

They are highly heated tolerant species with bright red and mid-sized tomatoes that take 80 to 85 days to grow. The Arkansas Traveler is an open-pollinated slicing tomato that is a dependable and productive cultivar for any Southern garden. 

It is appropriate for humid settings as well due to its innate disease resistance. The taste is frequently described as flavorful but mild. a reputable manufacturer and well-liked variation. 

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4. Celebrity Tomato

AAS winner since 1984, this bush tomato is prolific, heat-tolerant, and disease-resistant. Market farmers have loved it for decades. This variety has a determinate growth habitat that takes 70 to 75 days for the overall growth. 

They are best for both home and market purposes. They produce large-sized tomatoes that have lovely flavors. 

5. Flamenco Tomato 

The Flamenco tomato is one of the most heat-tolerant types on our list and is another little tomato. It produces in the sweltering Arizona climate long after other types have stopped. 

Even though it is an open-pollinated variety, the original cross between an early-bearing and a heat-tolerant variety led to it. A remarkable little tomato variety that grows as a compact, semi-determinate plant is the result. 

6. Chadwick Cherry Tomato 

These varieties are mostly grown in Southwest parts. These are the best in the category of cherry tomatoes and take 75 to 80 days to grow up. 

Many gardeners prefer this cherry tomato because of its high heat resistance which gives healthy and tasty tomatoes. The plus point is they are also disease resistant. 

7. Siletz Tomato 

Siletz is a traditional red slicer that can grow to be so big that it is mistaken for a beefsteak. Each bushy plant generates abundant quantities of reasonably consistent tomatoes. 

The tomatoes may arrive quite early in the growing season and still be delicious. Siletz also has respectable disease resistance to Fusarium and Verticillium wilt.

8. Early Girl Tomato 

These species take 60 days to grow and give you juicy red tomatoes. Because they may develop even more excellent tomatoes when cultivated in arid conditions, Early Girl tomatoes are highly favored in dry locations. 

It is planted all over because of its extremely early maturity and continuously abundant yields, which allow commercial and home gardeners to harvest early before northern frosts and late-season disease (in the south). 

Tips to grow tomatoes in hot dry climates

  • Firstly you need to select the right species to grow and find the right place for harvesting it. Choose the place where tomatoes get morning sunlight and partial shade in the daytime.
  • Gardeners that grow tomatoes in the hottest regions use cloths for shading them.
  • You should add mulch around tomatoes to form a moist layer.
  • A tomato plant with a thick leaf canopy and plenty of fruit changes into survival mode when temperatures stop dropping below 90°F and need plenty of water to be healthy.
  • It is recommended that you should grow tomatoes in slightly cold seasons so that there is less chance of loss.

Concluding lines

We hope that you don’t find any confusion in selecting and harvesting tomatoes in the hot and dry climate. You just need to take care of your plant. Although we have discussed all the best varieties that are mostly disease resistant it is not 100% sure. So, make sure that they stay protected from any type of pest or disease. Read the whole guide for its proper understanding. 

Thanks for reading! Happy gardening! 

Becky Decker