15 Best West Facing Window Plants (With Photos)

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In this article, we will be discussing some of the best West Facing Window Plants. It is great that you are researching the plants according to their need for sunlight, or sunlight-facing windows. Keeping the indoor plants is a luxury experience in itself, the plant staying inside with you as companions and making your indoor space beautiful is just an ‘out of world’ feeling. But as we all know that the plant inside the house also needs light, though indirect but what intensity they need depends on their type.

Quick takeaways:

  • Accordingly, you will choose the window where they will be placed. Do you know different directions windows get different intensities of light?
  • The west-facing window is the spot for plants that can thrive in indirect light, which gets intense for a few hours of the day, and vice versa.

Most of the houseplants that you see prefer full to partial sunlight which means a good shade is also important for them to look healthy. Let’s take a look at the plants that grow well in or near the west-facing windows. 

What plants are some of the best West Facing Window Plants? 

1. Philodendron

15 Best West Facing Window Plants (With Photos)

The philodendrons are the perfect indoor plants yet so beautiful to keep inside the house. The plants are easy to grow and don’t need much maintenance.

The plant thrives well in indirect sunlight. The plant cannot withstand prolonged direct sunlight so make sure to care for them during the strong sunlight hours. 

2. Rubber plants( Ficus elastica) 

The rubber plants are the plants that love bright sunlight and with proper care, you can make them tall enough to catch those eyes on the plant. Though it is seen that the south-facing windows are ideal for them but the west-facing windows are equally good for the rubber plants.

The leaves of the river plants can get dry due to strong direct sunlight so it’s important to cover the window with curtains when it’s noon or evening. 

3. Peace lilies (Spathiphyllum)

Again Peace lily is an elegant-looking houseplant that grows well in a west-facing window and needs less maintenance and light from full to partial.

The leaves and the blooms are really attractive. The plants need cleanliness, moist and well-maintained soil having the proper amount of nutrients. 

4. Zz plant (Zamioculcas zamiifolia)

ZZ plants will just shine and grow well in a lot of sunlight that is indirect which makes them the best west-facing plants.

They are likable indoor plants as they can be grown in artificial light easily too. Let the soil get dry before watering the plant. You can mist the plant if the plant leaves look dry. 

5. Schefflera(Brassia actinophylla)

The plant Schefflera needs medium light that is not too strong with moderate humidity that prevails in the indoor house.

The plants need moist, slight soil, and the plants have broad leaves that help them get enough indirect sunlight. 

6. Snake plants( dracaena trifasciata)

Snake plants are so easy to grow and improve the quality of indoor air. The soil should be moist and well-drained.

The plant will thrive best in bright indirect sunlight and also need indirect light during the day. 

7. Fiddle leaf fig(Ficus lyrata)

The plant-like bright indirect sunlight, moist rich well-drained soil, and little indirect sunlight. The plants have large leaves having attractive veins on them.

The fiddle leaf fig plants need water once a week, deeply penetrating the soil to grow. If you want to water daily, let the soil get dry before watering. 

8. Monstera 

The plants can grow well in the west-facing window getting indirect light, that is bright but notes that the plant is not exposed to too much light which can burn the leaves.

The burning of the leaves will be indicated by dark spots on the leaves. 

9. Croton plant(Codiaeum variegatum)

The croton plants have beautiful leaves having attractive patterns on them. The plants have a good amount of direct sunlight to good humidity, which makes them easy to grow and great to grow near west-facing windows. 

10. English ivy(Hedera helix)

English ivy is a natural air purifier. The plants can grow in indirect sunlight and moist soil. Direct sunlight for long hours can make the plants too dry or even lead to sunburn. Move the plants during the high intensity of light. 

11. Begonia

Beautiful begonias in the west-facing window shine and stay healthy.

The plant needs full to partial sun.

Best succulents for west-facing window

12. Kalanchoe

One of the plants that need direct sunlight to thrive well is the Kalanchoe. But Placing it in west facing window will scorch the leaves of the kalanchoe. So, try to keep it a little bit back from a West-facing window.

13. Aloe vera 

Aloe vera is one of the plants that like to be in the west-facing windows as it provides them with direct sunlight without feeding it fully.

14. Cactus

Last but not least, cactus is one of the succulents that tend to thrive in a good amount of sunlight. They do not like to be in shady areas as they do not tolerate it.

15. Agave

Agave plants are the other West facing window plants. Being a great plant, Agave tends to thrive in full sunlight with some moisture in it. It is one of the best houseplants.

Do west-facing windows get the sun?

Many of the plants love the west-facing windows as the west-facing windows get the full afternoon sun and by the evening the plants will still get the evening sun.

The west-facing windows are not much more intensified than the south-facing windows but that is more than enough during the time of the summer season.

So a very basic note here is that the sun-loving plants are ideal to grow in the west-facing windows. 

What kind of light do west-facing windows get?

As we detailed above the west-facing windows get a blend of sunlight like direct sunlight in a few hours of the day generally late in the evening while indirect sunlight is in the morning and early afternoon. So the window doesn’t get excess either direct or indirect sunlight.

Still, the plant gets a good amount of light in a day. But it would help if you noticed any dryness during the direct sunlight hours.

If the plant and soil are too dry, you can move the plants for an hour or two to calm them down and spray little water on the soil. Other than this, you can use curtains or window sheets to filter the sunlight. We also have the best east-facing plants guide, if you are planning to put plants on the east window side.

Wrapping up the context 

We hope you like the information in the article to bring out the best options for you. There are so many plants that can grow in west-facing windows, but the ones given above are our favorites. You can check the details of these plants and decide on the option according to your convenience. We are happy to help. ENJOY INDOOR PLANTING! 


1. Is a west window good for plants? 

The plants that love a good amount of light will thrive in west-facing windows. The west-facing window gets afternoon sun and evening sun as well, which is fine in winter but can be a string in the summer for those plants. Make sure to cover the windows during strong rays or move them for a while. 

2. How do you deal with a west-facing window? 

Using shading devices like blinds, sheets, covers, curtains, etc to filter the strong sunlight. It is also vital that the options that you use should be easily adjustable.

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