Can you grow Hot Peppers Indoors? (Tested & Easy Tips)

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Can you grow Hot Peppers Indoors? Are you worried if you can grow hot pepper indoors as a houseplant or not? If yes, then you look serious about your garden area, and it’s great. People who live in cold regions can plant hot peppers inside the house so that the plants don’t get hurt by outside factors. 

Hot peppers are one of the perennials that tend to live for many years and cherish you with their amazing results. These peppers tend to thrive well if you provide them with humid areas and warm conditions. In coll conditions, the peppers will not be able to grow and it will be a waste to grow the plant and plant it outside in the garden. 

Growing indoor plants also help as a decorative material in the home which looks attractive. So, why wait if you know that the outcome would be great? You have to simply plant the hot peppers indoors. Hot peppers would be great for you if you are a spicy lover. Additionally, every plant needs care so that it thrives well and so do the hot peppers.

Can you grow Hot Peppers Indoors?

Hot peppers are one of the easiest crops to grow at home. But keep in mind that you have plenty of good sources of sunlight to feed the hot peppers. It will help the plant to give flowers and fruits to you. It will depend on the size of the container that you are choosing for your hot peppers to grow. The larger pot you take, the larger the plant grows. 

Hot peppers tend to thrive greatly in the 1-gallon containers as it will suit their growth. Now the question comes of whether to plant hot peppers indoors or not. What do you think about this? Yes, you can how the peppers indoors so that you enjoy the benefits of the spicy and savory hot peppers. 

Even hot peppers will need to be maintained less in comparison with the outdoors hot peppers. Even they will not have less light and temperature if planted indoors. In your home, you can easily grow hot peppers and you can use the peppers for culinary uses. 

The steps for growing hot peppers indoors are as follows: 

Step 1- First, you have to put the seeds in the cup filled with warm water and let them be there for about 7-8 hours. It will break the hardness of the needs. 

Step 2- After that, take the seedling tray filled with soil. Make sure you are using a potting mix of good quality so that it will increase the growth of the plant. 

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Step 3- Now, make some holes in the soil with a finger about ¼ inches deep. 

Step 4– Take the seeds and put one to two seeds in every hole to grow the plant in your house.

Step 5- Make sure you are providing them with a warm climate so that the plant thrives well. It will help the plant to germinate at a faster pace. 

Step 6- Set the temperature to about 70 degrees Fahrenheit. Even you can place the seedling tray near the window so that they get warmer.

Step 7– You have to water the seeds every day so the soil remains moist. 

Step 8- Now is the time to transplant the seedlings into the pot. You have to do so when you see that the roots are emerging.

Step 9- Choose a good pot for growing the hot peppers in it. If you are choosing a big pot then you can make use of two or more plants in a single pot as it will thrive well. 

Step 10- You have to well-drained soil in the pot mixed with the organic matter. 

Step 11- Make a hole in the soil equal to length and width. And dill the seekings to the new container. 

Step 12- Last but not least, you need to put soil on the holes to cover it but do it gently. 

This is how you are done with the process of growing hot peppers indoors at home. 

Tested & Easy Tips

Below are some of the tested and easy tips that will help to peppers to thrive well indoors. So, are you ready? If yes, then read the mentioned points: 

Fertilizer needs of hot peppers

Fertilizer is needed but not for hot peppers and even if they are heavy feeders so you need to provide them with more. But as you are planting them indoors there. They do not need much fertilizer inside the home in comparison with the outside hot peppers. 

They need to be fertilized once a time in a month. Ensure you are using slow-release fertilizer for your hot peppers indoors. Even making use of liquid fertilizer to fertilize them after every 3 weeks would be great as it will help in increasing the growth of the plant. 

Size of the pot

Another tip that would play an important role in the growth of hot peppers is the appropriate size of the pot for your plant. 

Though the size of the pot depends on the type of pepper and the location. If you want too big a plant then you can go for a 2-5 gallon container for your indoor hot peppers.

Even small hot pepper will thrive well in the 1-gallon container too. So, keep growing your plant and do not waste the time, and choose the appropriate pot for your plant. 

Temperature for your indoor peppers

The next thing to keep in mind is the suitable temperature so that the peppers grow healthy. 

They do not like to be in too much heat. So keeping them below 80 degrees Fahrenheit would be great for your hot peppers. 

Watering needs

Water is an essential component that is needed by everyone for survival. Make sure you are feeding a good amount of water to your indoor hot peppers. To increase the growth of the plant, they need to remain hydrated and moist. 

Make sure you are not overwatering your plant as it will make the soil soggy. Make sure you keep the gap between the waterings. 


Hot peppers like to thrive on a sufficient amount of sunlight. Like as you are growing them indoors, you have to place the plant near the windowsill so that the plant gets sunlight to grow healthy.

For getting a good amount of blossoms in your plant you have to feed the plant with a good amount of sunlight. Even if there is less sunlight then you can make use of grow lights indoors. 


Last but not least, harvesting the plants takes place when the plants attain mature size. 

So, you can make use of sharp and sterilized scissors to harvest the pant. 

Concluding lines

In this guide, you come to know that Hot peppers are one of the perennials that tend to live for many years and cherish you with their amazing results. These peppers tend to thrive well if you provide them with humid areas and warm conditions. In coll conditions, the peppers will not be able to grow and it will be a waste to grow the plant and plant it outside in the garden. So, read the whole guide so that you understand more about the growth of indoor peppers. 

Thanks for reading! Happy gardening! 


How long can a pepper plant live indoors?

A pepper can live indoors for about 5 years only if you are feeding them with a good minute of nutrients. 

Can I grow hot peppers in pots?

Yes, you can grow the hot peppers in the pot same as zucchini in a pot if there is less space in your home garden. Pots will add a great look to your home again. But make sure that you are fulfilling the needs of your plant. 

How much light do peppers need indoors?

Peppers will grow great if you feed them with 6 hours of sunlight in a day indoors. Place them near the window so that the plant receives sunshine and gains nutrients from it and feeds you with its fruitful results. 

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