Can you plant Store-Bought Black-Eyed Peas? (Full Guide)

Can you plant Store-Bought Black-Eyed Peas? (Full Guide)

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Can you plant Store-Bought Black-Eyed Peas? The black-eyed peas that you got from the market can be grown. The reason behind this is that they are not sprayed by any inhibitors. This is for the black-eyed peas that you buy in bulk or in big sacks. Here is how you can make the black-eyed peas sprout. There is evidence that the stored beans well soaked in a wet paper towel will be able to sprout.

Quick takeaways:

  • The fact is that the plants from black-eyed peas will emerge but they rarely will produce fruits or beans. Because these grocery store black-eyed peas are overly heated and dried they can be stored for a long time and consumed later.
  • The beans are eaten boiled so hardly anyone gets the value whether the peas are matured or not.

What to do if your store-bought black-eyed peas are not growing?

The black-eyed peas that you buy from stores are made for consumption and less for growing purposes. Black-eyed peas are almost available in every country and are one of the staple foods, especially in southern cuisine. The unhealthy and immature black eyes peas have the least chance to grow.

If you want to grow the grocery store black-eyed peas make sure that the peas are well ripe and mature, not expired, and are the healthy c varieties.

Will black-eyed peas from the grocery stores grow?- Can you plant Store-Bought Black-Eyed Peas?

The black-eyed peas from the grocery can be grown but some conditions will decide whether they will grow or not. The first thing is that black-eyed peas should be old and mature and the second thing is how they are processed and stored in the grocery store.

You already have a clue that seeds have a shelf life and also they get less viable with time.

The black-eyed peas if gotten mature and you didn’t plant them when they are viable then after this, they will not grow. So you must buy them at the right time and with the keen observation that they can grow.

How long do the black-eyed peas stay viable?

The black-eyed peas tend to grow and stay viable for 3-4 years after which they will not grow or sprout. The other condition can be that plants will still sprout but there will be no produce. They are mature. The high temperatures also make the seeds sterile which loses the ability to sprout.

What to expect when you plant black-eyed peas

Black-eyed peas are widely used and available in many places. They are easy to grow and are versatile plants. Black-eyed peas need time to grow so you have to wait and keep caring for them well. The black-eyed peas plants mature within 3-4 months.

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How to successfully grow black-eyed peas bought from the grocery store?

Make the peas sprout first

This is a great way to plant black-eyed peas with full surety. By this, I mean when you place the black-eyed peas on a wet paper towel, let the peas sprout. They need a good warm spot to sprout and need about a week or two for this. You can check the seed often as well and the seedlings will also indicate whether the seed is healthy and mature or not.

Soak the seeds well

Many gardeners have tried soaking the black-eyed peas in the water before they take them to the ground to sow. You can soak the seeds for the whole night. You then show about two to four seeds in a hole about 1-2 inches deep in the soil.

How to grow black-eyed peas?

  • Soil: well-drained and moist
  • Soil type: loamy to sandy type
  • Soil pH: 5.5-6.5
  • Sunlight: full sun, black-eyed peas hate frosting weather
  • Fertilization: very light or no fertilization
  • Watering: Water the seedling or plant near the soil, and keep the leaves of the plant dry and clean

The black-eyed peas plants can be grown easily from the seeds that you can get in the nursery. To keep the conditions proper for the plants you also need to provide clean surroundings to the plant. The black-eyed peas plants are more prone to getting fungal infections.

You can also choose a good variety of black-eyed peas that will suit the spot of your garden or house. There are trailing types whereas there are varieties that grow straight up. For the vining varieties, you can use some kind of support like a trellis or stakes to help them grow well.

Growing black-eyed peas in Containers

Black-eyed peas can be grown in containers. The soil that you used must be well. The container that is 12 inches deep is ideal to grow black-eyed peas. For the bush type, you can use a stick for the support and place it into the soil not too deep so that roots don’t get hurt. Move the pot in the afternoon and provide the plant with full sun the other hours of the day. 

Conclusion of the context

We hope you like this article and find it helpful to get the answers to questions about planting store-bought black-eyed peas. In this article, you get to know that black-eyed peas from stores can be grown. They will germinate after they are shown but whether they will reduce or not will depend on the conditions that we indicated above. Go through them and grow the black-eyed peas. Happy growing up! 

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