Can you transplant Sunflowers? (How to transplant them successfully?)

Can you transplant Sunflowers? (How to transplant them successfully?)

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Can you transplant sunflowers? Directly sowing the sunflower seeds into the soil of the decided spot is the right choice, but you can still transplant the sunflower only when they are seedlings. So let us know, “How to Transplant them successfully?”.

Key takeaways:

  • Sunflowers are bright flowers that not only color pop your garden space but also the indoor space.
  • The sunflowers are beautiful and you love them or transplant the sunflower plant but a lot of confusion is hitting your head.
  • Sunflowers have a tap root system.
  • You can easily grow the plant by directly sowing the seeds in the pot.

Worry not we will tell you everything regarding the transplantation of sunflowers. Is it safe or not? Let us know!

Can sunflowers be planted?

Sunflowers have a tap root system, the tap roots once developed can’t be moved and if moved dont work that well. As the sunflower plant grows, so does its root system. Directly sowing the sunflower seeds into the soil of the decided spot is the right choice. If you are still not satisfied with the spot or pot or anything else, you can still transplant the sunflower only when they are seedlings. The root system is not developed at all or is very little tender. 

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The tender roots will later develop and get stuck deep in the soil and thrive likewise. The seedlings thus can be easily transplanted to the garden or the pot. Transplanting is not a bad decision at all and your decision might depend on various factors like if the sunflower is not getting enough sunlight, pest risk, etc. 

Other than this, you can directly sow the seeds in the pot, let the plant grow tall and then you can break the earthen pot consciously and gently without hurting the roots and then move the root ball into the soil of the new spot like a garden, ground, big pot. But, this method needs a lot of attention, just a little miss in the growth of the sunflower root then it is impossible to move it. Also, the result depends on chance in this method. It is better to move or transplant the young seedling before the tap root is well-formed. 

How to transplant sunflowers? – Can you transplant Sunflowers?

Sunflowers don’t like the cold that much so better go for transplant sunflower after the frost till then keep them indoors. If it’s cold outside and the plant is tender and not that grown with true leaves, avoid transplanting the sunflowers. 

Give them a good space of 3 feet between each other if you are planting in a row, in the case of large sunflowers but in the case of dwarf sunflowers a space of 30 cm would work well. The sunflowers get crowded easily as they are tall and the leaves and flowers are wide. Proper aeration is needed to keep the fungal infection away from the sunflowers plants. 

Sunflower transplant shock

The transplanting of sunflowers can lead to shock as well in these, to reduce transplant shock cover the sides of the plant with a good amount of soft airy soil, and water them well so that they don’t get dehydrated at all and get familiar with the new provided conditions. Provide a good amount of compost in instruments lightly or you can directly add some fertilizer into the hole of planting before moving the plant to that spot. The water the plants properly avoids overhead watering and does light watering. 


The spot where you are transplanting the sunflowers should get full sun for like 6 hours in a day. Sunflowers will thrive well in the sun. If you are moving it indoors, keep it near the south-facing window. 

Sunflower seeds

The sunflower seeds can be sown outside when the fear of the last frost is no more. The temperature is not too low and around 50 degrees. Starting with making a hole of about half an inch or an inch with a space of 6 inches between the seeds in a row. 

How to transplant sunflower seedlings?

  • Dig deep into the soil gently below the root so that the roots don’t get in touch with the digging tool and don’t get hurt. 
  • Take out the seedling, now dig small holes in the ground about two to three inches so that there is enough space for the seedling’s lower portion
  • Place the seedling in the center and start to soil it with soil to make sure the soil is soft. 
  • Water the plant well so that the plant gets moist soil as too much heat might dry out the sunflower plant. 

How to transplant sunflowers? 

The transplanting of sunflower plants that have grown is possible but needs to be cautious. You need to dig the soil deep far away from the root that is already large. The dirt should be cleaned properly so that the roots are visible by brushing. Now create a deep wide hole in the ground, the plant will be then placed in the center of the hole, keep the plant straight and add soil on the sides of the plant. Provide the plant with a good amount of water. As the plant is tall, stakes need to be placed around them to avoid bending and attack by any rabbits, deer, or rodents.


How do you move sunflowers to bigger pots?

The sunflowers seeds when sprouted and seedlings have reached around 2 inches, then you can safely transplant the sunflowers plant into the pots that should be wide like 3 inches with a good amount of compost and moisture.

Do sunflowers grow well in pots?

The flowers are such huge bright yellow colored and some dwarf varieties can be grown in the pots. They will equally grow well in the pots just like in the ground. Just place them in a sunny spot and warm area. The dwarf sunflower plants can be grown in big pots. That will look wonderful! 

How deep do you plant sunflowers?

The sunflower seeds need to be sown at least an inch deep into the moist soil. The seedlings can be transplanted and need to be spaced well like 12 inches. 

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