Ping Tung Eggplant – How to grow and care for Ping Tung Eggplant?

Ping tung eggplant is native to Taiwan. The plants are long with purplish flowers. The ping-tung long eggplants have soft, thin-skinned, and magenta. They tolerate heat extremely well and are also disease resistant. They have a high-yielding capability. The ping tung name is from the country Ting tung of Taiwan. This article will discuss Ping … Read more

Dusty Miller Plants – Tips For Dusty Miller Care

Do you know What is Dusty Miller Plants? The Dusty Miller Plants have dusty leaves and can add a great backdrop for the other plants in the garden, that is why they are also called silver dust. Senecio cineraria (Dusty miller plant) is known for the silver-colored foliage that looks unique in your garden landscapes. … Read more

Do Deer Eat Pumpkins and Squash? (7+ Ways to keep them away)

A gardener knows everything about the surrounding of their plants, so he also comes to know when the plants start to get affected. But how? Do you know the reason behind the spoiling of the plants? If yes, then you might have taken the precautions to help you. But if not, then no worries! Guys, … Read more

Reasons why Lemon Tree leaves are Curling (And how to fix them?)

Reasons why Lemon Tree leaves are Curling (And how to fix them?)

This article will be discussing the reasons why Lemon Tree Leaves are Curling. Who doesn’t love the leaves of citrus plants all dark green, shiny and proper in shape without any spots or curling? The citrus trees are a great addition to the garden but it becomes a nightmare when their leaves start to curl … Read more

What animals eat Pumpkins? (10+ Ways to keep them away)

Pumpkins are not only loved by humans but also by various animals. How do you keep these animals away from pumpkins? We will let you know everything in detail and also easy ways to not see such problems. Do you know What animals eat Pumpkins? There are numerous animals that tend to eat pumpkins such … Read more

Do Deer Eat Pumpkins? (10+ Tested ways to keep them out of your Garden)

When you see that your plants are losing their leaves, blossoms, or half-eaten yields then you may be wondering about who eats them. Pumpkins are one of those plants that have high nutritional values such as fiber, protein, and even carbs which are essential for humans and animals as well. They will provide you with … Read more

Snake Plant Turning Yellow – Causes and How to Fix it!

We will be acknowledging the readers about Snake Plant Turning Yellow. Snake plants are our favorite indoor plants, you would agree too! They purify the air by removing all the toxins from the air. They are so easy to care for and grow same as scarlet flax. Even such plants can indicate problems if they … Read more

5+ Signs of Underwatered Aloe Vera Plant (And to Revive It)

Underwatered Aloe Plant - Signs and Step-by-Step Solution

This article is all about giving every detail related to the signs of underwatered Aloe vera plant, preventive measures, Step-by-Step Solutions, and everything in between. Aloe vera plant is one of the plants that are mostly grown as it has various uses. It has features that help you in healing the problems in humans. It … Read more