Companion Planting with Scallions/Green Onion (& What not to plant with them?)

Companion Planting with Scallions/Green Onion (& What not to plant with them?)

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Do you want to know more about Companion Planting with Scallions/Green Onion? Then stay tuned with us. Companion planting is a great way to get maximum output In small spaces or regular-sized gardens. Have you known that scallions are brilliant companion plants not only in herb or vegetable gardens but can also be grown in fruit gardens? I felt I had an herb Garden.

Key takeaways:

  • Scallions not only cover the gap in the garden but provide to the nearby plants in the garden.
  • Galleons don’t need much space as they grow from tiny bulbs.
  • These green onions will grow straight up without getting spread large and provide ample space for other plants.

Now as I mentioned that they grow from double they don’t have that deep roots so can be grown with plants that have extended roots. In this article, you will get to know what plants you can grow with scallions in the garden and what not you should not grow with them.

What is companion planting? 

If you are still doubtful about companion planting then it is a process in which a plant is grown with one or more types of clans together so that they can mutually or individually provide benefit. You can plant the best-suited vegetables, flowers, and herbs with the main plant.

Benefits of companion planting

  • By companion planting, the growth of the other plant or maybe both are regulated.
  • It is a great way to use space left inside the garden.
  • You have a variety of options in the garden knowing they will not harm each other.
  • The pests and diseases stay away from the plants which otherwise would have caught hold of these plants growing separately.

Why are Scallions great companion plants?

Whenever you are searching for some content regarding companion planting you will come up with carrots and allium-like scallions as well. These green onions are great companion plants that regulate the growth of plants like kale and some brassicas. The quality of the product also improves when scallions are growing nearby to plant. The scallions having a strong smell keep the pests away. They are easily grown near the long roots of plants that need good space and you don’t have to worry about crowding.

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What to grow with Scallions in companion planting? – Companion Planting with Scallions


The onions keep the carrot fly away which can damage the carrot harvest badly. The carrots benefit from onions and you get some carrot bright-colored carrots in your kitchen.


This herb chamomile invests in the flavor of the onions, you will feel the difference for sure. Chamomile has antifungal and antibacterial properties that hinder the growth of fungus on onions. The chamomile has a beautiful fragrance and you can have some chamomile tea. Why not!? The chamomile with its aroma attracts some beneficial insects that can eat the bugs destroying the onions.


Cabbage or I would say other brassicas like kohlrabi, kale, cauliflower, and broccoli can be grown next to onions. The onion deters the entry of pests, worms, and loopers that love to munch on onions.


Beets when growing near the onions, you will see no thrips coming near the onions. Also, the onion keeps the aphids, and flea beetles, from the beets. The onion also keeps deer and rabbits away from beets that can destroy the harvest.


Lettuce and onion plants growing together dont compete with each other at all because they have contrasting roots. Lettuce has long roots whereas onions have short roots. The onions also repel the pests from lettuce.


Tomatoes largely get attacked by the pest and insects but the onion if growing near them the pest, insects, and some diseases stay at bay. Some examples of other companion plants to grow with tomatoes are Basil, Marigold, Brussels, kale, beans, etc.


The marigold invites and attracts a large number of pollinators and insects into the garden. These insects love to eat bugs and many pests that attack onions. Marigolds are beautiful vibrant flowers that add beauty and benefits to the garden.

Swiss chard

Swiss chard growing near the onions will help the onion in staying moist as they give good shade and cause less evaporation in the soil. The non that have small roots need moist soil even on the top. The onions on the other hand kept the pests away that can munch on big leaves of Swiss chard. 

Summer savory

The summer savory attracts insects and keeps the pests away from onions. The onions become sweeter in the proximity of summer savory. 

What not to plant with Scallions/green onions?


The peas and onions sow abnormal stunted types of growth when they are planted near each other. The onions also kill the bacteria that can be beneficial for this leguminous plant. 


It is also better if you grow beans and onions separately or by first taking out the bean plants and then planting the onions. The beans will not be produced in large sizes and show abnormal growth as well when growing next to onions. 


The asparagus and onions in proximity can affect each other’s growth as they compete with each other for nutrients. The abnormal growth is what you will see in both of the plants. Make sure you plant them separately. 


The onions and sage cannot be grown together as they need different growing conditions, which can affect the growth cycle of both. But their many companion plants that grow with sage plants such as carrots, Strawberries, Parsley, etc.

Footnote of the context

We hope you like the article. Do let us know if you find this article helpful. We are happy to help you and hear from you guys. The onions are a great addition to the garden irrespective of little space because they dont not have much space to grow and benefit many plants that are growing near it. Happy growing up! 

Becky Decker