Do you need Grow Lights before Seed Germination? - Do seeds need Light to Germinate?

Do you need Grow Lights before Seed Germination? – Do seeds need Light to Germinate?

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Do you need Grow Lights before Seed Germination? Do seeds need Light to Germinate? These might be the first questions crossing your mind if you are planning to go for an indoor garden. If you are thinking of starting indoor gardening or planting some seeds indoors then you might know that the sunlight does not reach that well inside the house. Then you think about why not use grow light for the germination of seed? But the reality check is that some seeds need Light to terminate while others don’t.

Key takeaways:

  • Many times seeds don’t germinate due to many reasons, can be light or can be other reasons like temperatures, oxygen, etc.
  • Not all seeds are grown in light, some need cold stratification and some need darkness to germinate.
  • Giving grow lights to the seeds for germination depends on the type of seeds whether they need light or not.
  • Many times when you buy seeds from the store after going through the instructions given on the package.

Do you need Grow Lights before Seed Germination?

Grow light Is an alternative for providing light to plants indoors. Where the sunlight is not reaching properly. As you have now understood that not all seeds require light to germinate So you can use light for the seeds that need sunlight or light conditions to sprout.

To be precise, for germination, the seeds don’t need fertilizer as they already have stored inside them for germination. The seeds that need light treatment will be needing to grow light indoors. These seeds will not germinate without light treatments.

What happens if you grow light before germination?

The grow lights can be provided to the scenes before germination only if they like warmth. Grow light will increase the temperature very little and give the light treatment to the seeds that will help them to sprout but not for all. In general, before germination, no light is needed by the way. Most of the scenes are stored in dark and dry conditions. Even during germination, the light should be given only after considering the type of seed.

Does darkness help the seeds to germinate? 

The seeds before germination either are stored in the store room in the dark conditions away from moisture or are packaged well. You must read the instructions given on the package before sowing the seeds. The seeds do not always need light to germinate; some seeds germinate better in the dark like the onion seeds. 

What seeds need light to be germinated?

The seeds of many vegetables, flowers, and fruits need light to germinate. They either need light treatment before germination or while sown in the soil they need ample light. The seeds will grow better and to the fullest if they get light. Though without light seeds still will be able to germinate in moist soil. Seeds of celery, lettuce, begonia, petunia, etc like to be given light to germinate. The seeds that don’t light to germinate are celery, dill, arugula, cabbage, cauliflower, etc.

When to put light on germinated seeds? 

Most of the ceiling should be given light after they have terminated. You can use grow light on the ceiling And keep the seedling under grow light for 12 to 16 hours a day. As soon as the first seed starts to germinate you can turn on the blue light. How fast they grow depends on the type of seedling.

That won’t get proper light to become laggy and fragile. So yes you can turn on the grow light when seeds have already sprouted and the seedling has just appeared.

What grow light to use for the seedlings?

The white fluorescent bulbs and the ‘plant grow bulbs’ are mostly used by gardeners for indoor planting. The seedlings under their light don’t get burned and get the optimum level of light to grow. The T12, T8, and T5 output fluorescent lights are mostly recommended for germinated seeds. Among them, T5 is the most efficient option. Even the LED grow lights are great to use in indoor gardening having your germinated seeds. The grow light should not be fitted too near the seedlings. They should be at least 2-4 inches over the seedlings. I have already indicated the duration of growth of light to be given to the seedlings. 


What light is best for seed germination? 

The blue-green spectrum or the balanced light spectrum is effective for seed germination. 

How many grow lights do I need for seedlings? 

The seedlings need a grow light that provides 2000 to 3000 lumens per square foot of growing space. Seedling like that vegetables needs such a range of grow lights. The seedlings if are grown in the tray then the grow light writing 3000 lumens will help them grow effectively. 

Why do seeds fail to germinate? 

The fungal growth on the seeds, too much water, or even too little water can make the seeds less viable and they will not germinate. The seeds might stay dormant if they get very little water. 

Becky Decker