15+ Garlic Companion Plants - What to plant & what not to plant with Garlic?

15+ Garlic Companion Plants – What to plant & what not to plant with Garlic?

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Have you ever grown garlic in your yard? If yes, then you will like it. As it is one of the famous plant plants grown plants that are liked by the farmers. You can plant garlic in a small space too as it will do wonders there too. Planting garlic in your garden is a great thing you’re gonna do. It is even served as an ingredient for dishes in various places. It gives a different flavor to the dishes and makes them tasty.

Quick takeaways:

  • Garlic has various benefits indeed which might not be known to you.
  • There are various garlic Companion Plants that can be grown by you in your home garden.
  • Companion plants add too much to your garden and make it unique. Companion plants tend to increase the growth of plants.
  • Some of the best garlic Companion Plants are tomato, beetroot, kale, dill, fruit trees, potatoes, eggplant, cauliflower, and much more explained below.
  • Some of them are not the garlic Companion Plants such as sage, parsley, etc.
  • Garlic can be a great companion as it has great features. As a companion plant, it can help control pests and attract pollinators that will help in enhancing the growth of the plants.

So, just stay connected with this guide as you will come to know more about the top companion plants and also the plants that cannot be planted with garlic. So, let’s get started. 

15+ Garlic Companion Plants – What to Plant with them? 

Companion planting brings so much to your garden which indirectly makes you enthusiastic. So, you should go for it. Planting companion plants of garlic would help you in getting more desired results. So, why not do it? Below are the plants that can be grown best with garlic Companion Plants: 

1. Beetroot 

One of the best plants that suit well with garlic is beetroot. When you plant beetroot with garlic, it takes the nutrients from different types of soil which won’t harm the growth of the garlic.

Garlic will indirectly increase the taste of the beetroot when planted as a companion plant. It can also help prevent fungal diseases and repels bad insects.

2. Spinach 

What about spinach? If you will grow spinach and garlic next to each other, then they can share the bed in springtime and even at the time of fall.

Spinach will help to control the weeds around the garlic plants and increase their diversity. What else do you need? You can go for this plant. 

3. Carrots

Do people get confused about whether to plant carrots with garlic or not?

But guys it is a great companion plant to grow with garlic. So, don’t worry planting them together will benefit you. It will help in repelling the aphids

4. Tomato

Tomatoes can add so much value to your garden area. But they get attacked by the spider mites. How will you remove them from the tomato plants?

You can do so by planting garlic plants near the tomatoes. It prevents spider aretes as they are the best natural repellents. Some other companion plants to grow with tomatoes are Chives, Cilantro, Dill, Petunias, Mint, etc.

5. Roses

Garlic produces an intense scent which is named the garlic as the stinking rose.

Rosse butts were infected but the vulnerable aphids thought they had the power to destroy them. But planting garlic with the roses can give you amazing results.  

6. Tarragon

It is another variant that can give you great reapplication when you plant them with garlic.

It will help in enhancing the growth of each other and they will repel the pest easily. They are the best-known companion plants.

7. Cauliflower

Cauliflower is a common crop grown by farmers. It is the another companion plant of the garlic.

So, when you plant them with garlic, they will attack the cabbage moths which is great for your plant as it won’t harm any pests or insects. 

8. Eggplant

There are various insects like snails, and slugs that do not like to be around the garlic.

But when the eggplants grow, these insects attack them so to prevent this you can plant garlic with the eggplants.  

9. Kale

Cabbage moths tend to attack kale plants too. One of the garlic companion plants is kale which suits great with it.

So, planting kale with garlic won’t let the moths harm the kale. It signifies that they are the best companion plants.  

10. Strawberries

Strawberries are one of the favorite fruits of all. It even grows easily. In the case of rotting of strawberries, you need to take care of and fix them. But what about planting them with garlic plants?

Yes, you are going great as they can suit great with each other. Garlic will remove the spider mites and won’t let the plants get spoiled. 

11. Dill

Dill is another variant of vegetable that can be planted well with garlic. Yes, it is the garlic companion plant.

They will play the role of natural repellents whereas dill will help in improving the taste. So, it is a great idea to plant them together. Some other companion plants to grow with dill are Cucumber, Lettuce, Asparagus, Basil, etc.

12. Fruit trees 

To prevent fungal infections from fruit trees, people usually plant garlic with them so that they can get rid of the fungal disease that is produced by sulfur. 

13. Broccoli

Broccoli is one of the herbs that suits well with garlic if you planteth next to it.

As you know cabbage moths attack broccoli, so planting garlic with them won’t let this happen.

14. Chamomile

You might have planted this plant with garlic and if not, then you have to.

As it helps in improving the flavor of the garlic and they will prove to be the best companion plants.

15. Potatoes 

Potatoes are one of the vegetation that does not need the plants alone.

So if you plant them with garlic it will give great results. It is beneficial to plant potatoes and garlic together removing pests and insects

What Not to Plant With Garlic?

As you come to know about the best companion plants for garlic. It would be better if you knew about the non-companion of garlic plants too. Planting the wrong plants with garlic will harm the growth of both plants. So, let’s know about the non-companion plants of garlic:

1. Sage

It is one of the plants that doesn’t suit garlic. So, there is no fun in planting garlic and sage together. Sage won’t let the garlic grow at its best. As it will affect the growth of its roots. So, it is a wrong idea to plant sage with garlic. But there are other companion plants to grow with sage-like Rosemary, Carrot, Kohlrabi, Cabbage, Parsley, etc. 

2. Parsley

Do you know about parsley? They compete with garlic when it comes to soil nutrients so there is no chance to plant these plants next to each other. It would be better for your other plants too if you grow these plants away from each other. 

3. Asparagus

The flavors of asparagus and garlic will get mixed if you put them together. It depicts that your vegetation will be spoiled and you will get nothing in return. It will destroy the root system of the plants. 

Concluding lines 

In this article, you come to know that Garlic can be a great companion as it has great features within. As a companion plant, it can help in controlling pests and attract pollinators that will help in enhancing the growth of the plants. So, just stay connected with this guide as you will come to know more about the top companion plants and also the plants that cannot be planted with garlic.

So, read the whole guide so that you understand in a better way. 


1. Can you plant garlic and tomato plants together?

Yes, garlic plants and tomatoes can be planted together as they will repel the harmful insects from the garden so that they grow best.  

2. What can you not plant next to garlic?

There are various companion plants of garlic. Some of them are peas, parsley, beans, and many more. They will ruin the growth of the other plants too.  

3. What are the best companion plants for garlic?

Garlic has numerous companion plants. Some of them are cauliflower, broccoli, nasturtiums, dill, roses, and others. 

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