Golden Pothos vs Hawaiian Pothos (Actual Differences and Similarities)

Golden Pothos vs Hawaiian Pothos (Actual Differences and Similarities)

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In this article, we will be discussing a comparison of Golden Pothos vs Hawaiian Pothos. Know their actual Differences and Similarities here. We absolutely understand how confusing some plants’ appearances are. The golden pothos and Hawaiian pothos plants just like most pothos are easy maintenance and easy-to-grow plants so loved by many gardeners. These plants look a lot like each other but are not the same.

Quick takeaways:

  • The golden pothos plants differ from the Hawaiian pothos plants in the case of the color of the leaves as well as the stems.
  • The golden pothos plant has bright sunkissed yellow colored leaves while the Hawaiian pothos has variegated leaves with patterns of green, white, and yellow colors.
  • The golden pothos like the low-intensity light whereas the Hawaiian pothos like sunlight with medium to high intensity.
  • Both the plants like indirect sunlight.

You should know the differences between the two plants to identify them quickly.

What is Hawaiian Pothos?

Hawaiian pothos is one of the varieties of pothos plants that have the scientific name Epipremnum aureum ‘Hawaiian’. These plants have striped heart-shaped leaves and get to the height of 4 feet when they are inside the house while getting longer in outdoor conditions. The plants are really easy to grow, even the beginner can easily grow these plants. 

What is Golden Pothos?

The golden pothos plant is another variety of pothos plant and the scientific name of this plant is Epipremnum aureum. Golden pothos plants have striped heart-shaped leaves but the only difference is that they have green and yellow flecks on their leaves. The plants get to a height of 10 feet and even more with good care. There are many varieties of pothos that a gardener gets confused about and finds similar to golden pothos like Neon Pothos but you should know the difference between Neon Pothos vs Golden Pothos.

Golden Pothos vs Hawaiian Pothos – The difference between the golden Pothos and Hawaiian Pothos

Though there are a lot of similarities between the golden pothos and Hawaiian pothos, let’s look at a few differences between these two. 


The golden pothos plants have yellow stems when they are getting bright and indirect sunlight. The stems of golden pothos are variegated in a few cases. A good amount of sunlight can make golden pothos develop green vines. The Hawaiian pothos plants on the other hand develop green stems when they are growing in suitable conditions more than just sunlight, like moist drained soil, temperature, etc. 


The leaves of both golden pothos and Hawaiian pothos plants have variegation. Though the golden pothos leaves have bright yellow colored with green, white, and yellow streaks or stripes. The leaves of Hawaiian pothos don’t have a strong yellow color, the variegation has dark green color, yellow and white color. 

The size leaves of Golden Pothos plants have regular leaf size but with proper care require to the pothos plants, the leaves can get to 12-14 inches long while the Hawaiian Pothos plants have leaves that are much larger even indoors as well as outdoors.


There are very rare chances that these plants will bloom indoors but when they bloom they yield beautiful flowers. 

The golden pothos plant has white-colored flowers that are small in size whereas the flowers of Hawaiian pothos plants have a cream color and are larger compared to the golden pothos. 

Size and shape

The golden pothos has a small size as compared to Hawaiian pothos plants. The leaf size of both plants also varies. The Hawaiian pothos plants’ leaves have larger size than the golden pothos. 

Watering requirements 

The Hawaiian pothos needs more water than the golden pothos plants. The reason might be that the Hawaiian pothos has large sizes. Otherwise, both plants need water on a light basis but regular watering is important. Let the soil’s top inch get dry and then water these plants.

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The sunlight should be indirect and bright for both plants. But proper leaf growth is responsible if the Hawaiian pothos plant gets ample filtered sunlight. Otherwise, the Hawaiian pothos looks similar to the golden pothos that has small-sized leaves. 

Similarities between the golden pothos plants and Hawaiian pothos plants

Being the cultivar of golden pothos plants, Hawaiian pothos shows a lot of similarities to gold pothos like resemblance in the scientific name, same species, growing manner, basic requirement, covering, and method of propagation. 

Vine like habit 

The golden pothos and the Hawaiian pothos both have trailing habits. The plants grow and extend by attaching to the prop like poles, walls, wooden sticks, etc. 

Same scientific taxonomy 

Both the plants have the same species and similar scientific names for the golden pothos scientific name is Epipremnum aureum whereas for the Hawaiian pothos, the name is Epipremnum aureum ‘Hawaiian’. 

Same propagating method

Both golden pothos and Hawaiian pothos plants can be propagated easily using stem cutting, using sharp sterile pruners. The plants can be made filler by running the plant and cutting back about 4 inches near the soil, for more growth. 

Same temperature needs 

Both golden pothos and Hawaiian pothos plants grow well in temperatures not high or not too low. Though both plants can survive in dry conditions and high temperatures for little time they just cannot tolerate low temperatures. The temperature range should be 65 degrees Fahrenheit to 85 degrees Fahrenheit for both the others to be healthy and get growing! 

Wrapping up the context

We hope you find this article useful and have understood the similarities and differences between the golden pothos and the Hawaiian pothos. Do let us know if you have any questions regarding this topic. Happy planting! 


What is the rarest Pothos? 

The rarest type of pothos plant is the Harlequin Pothos which has a mixture of marble and snow-white pothos plants. They look a lot like Manjula plants. 

Is Hawaiian pothos rare? 

The Hawaiian pothos plant is a rare type of pothos and has unique variegation on the leaves. The plant is an attractive and really good addition to your indoors. 

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