Growing Mint from Cuttings - Tips for Propagating Mint plants 

Growing Mint from Cuttings – Tips for Propagating Mint plants 

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Are you also interested in growing Mint from cuttings? Cultivating mint in your garden can be a great addition as it will add flavors and scents to your yard. Folks, if you have taken the initiative to make your garden unique and beautiful then why not add a mint plant to it? Without any doubt, you should go for it as it is one of those plants that can suit best in a beginner’s garden. 

Quick takeaways:

  • Mint carries a soothing fragrance and a flavor that blows the mind and even beautiful flowers which makes it a great addition to your garden.
  • The process of growing mint from cuttings and also the tips for propagating the mint plants so that you can maintain their growth and get the desirable results.
  • People also used mint in various beverages, drinks, and even teas to add taste to the item.
  • The mint is easy to grow and also difficult to destroy.
  • Mint is unruly and also can be propagated easily. Though the process will take the time it can be done easily.

What else do you need? As mentioned, propagating from cuttings, where will you get the cuttings from? You can buy the plant from any nursery or buy the seeds so that you can grow them in your way in your garden. 

So what are you waiting for? Grab the offer by reading the whole article and get your mint plant ready and take the benefits from it. It is even used in mouth fresheners that keep you refreshed for some time. It has various other helping purposes such as helping in digestion and even helping in reducing the stress of an individual. 

So, let us begin to know the process of growing mint from cuttings and also tips for it. 

What is Mint?

Mint, is the evergreen herb that is part of the mentha genus of plants. The mint family involves perennial herbs such as peppermint, chocolate mint, etc. You can get the favor of mint which is its specialty. It gives fragrance when it generates new growth. Mint has various types and they can be used for medicinal purposes too. One other amazing thing about mint is that it can be used in dishes, in drinks, and also serve as a refreshing drink. It gives a good effect on the stomach.  

How to grow mint from cuttings? – Growing Mint from Cuttings

The ever-growing mint can be grown in your gardens too. Do you want to know about its process? Then, follow the below steps for growing Mint from cuttings:

Step 1– Firstly, you have to take some cuttings from the already existing mint plant.

Step 2- Then, remove the leaves from every stem.

Step 3- Keep the stem in the bottle filled with the water in a place at normal temperature.

Step 4- Place it there only for a few weeks unless you see the roots are growing.

Step 5- After that, keep the stem in a humid climate.

Step 6- You have to water them for continuous 6-8 weeks.

Step 7- After this, you can transplant your mint plant to its final growing position where it will get set. 

Step 8- Though you are done with its propagation you have to care for your plant. 

What are the tips for propagating mint plants? 

As you are aware of the process of propagating the mint plants. But you need to know about the tips too for maintaining them. Let us know about those tips that are important to follow: 

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You have to check the top of the soil. If you feel like it’s dry, then you need to water the plant otherwise there is no need. Water them for their maintenance. 


Mint plants tend to thrive in the full sun which means that they require 6 hours of sunlight for their growth. 


If you don’t want to destroy the delicious and scenic flavor of the mint, then you should prune or trim the flower stalks whenever they start growing.  Cut the plant on a timely basis so that it could not spread itself and make your yard messy. 

Rooting hormone 

You have to dip the roots of your mint plant in the rooting hormone as it will provide good growth to the plant.

Wrapping up the context 

In this article, you come to know about the perennial herb known as a mint plant. Growing mint in your garden can be a great addition as it will add flavors and scents to your yard. Mint is unruly and also can be propagated easily. Though the process will take the time it can be done easily. You can read the above article for a proper understanding of the process of growing the mint plant like growing the Calathea Beauty Star Plant


Is it better to propagate mint in water or soil?

When you propagate the mint in soil, they get strong with time but it becomes difficult with the help of cuttings. It is better to propagate mint in the water through cuttings. 

Where do you cut mint for propagation?

You can cut mint for propagation from the top of the existing mint plant. You have to remove the lower leaves and then strip off the stem. 

How long do mint cuttings take to root?

The mint plants take about 3-4 weeks to start giving the roots. For proper and early root taking, you can place the mint plant in a jar of water. 

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