How often do you water Geranium Plants? 

How often do you water Geranium Plants? 

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Geranium plants, have you ever heard of them or grown them in your home garden? If not, then you should plant them as they are a great addition to your collection. Before that, you need to know about geraniums. They are beautiful plants that are loved by all and are one of the most popular plants all over the world. They give gorgeous colorful flowers that bloom the garden and make it stunning. Why not plant them? You should do so. How often do you water geranium plants? If you have cleared this, then you are going great.

Geraniums are easy to handle and can be grown effortlessly. They are aromatic and do not like to remain wet as they don’t suit them. Geraniums love to be watered as it helps them to grow. It is important for you to water geranium plants one to two times a week so that they thrive well. Make sure you are not keeping the soil dry for long and also not too wet for long as it can harm the growth of the plant.

One of the important aspects is their watering system. Do you know about the water required by these plants? If yes, you are heading great but if not, then we will let you know. Let’s proceed so we can understand how often to water geranium plants just like you come to know how often to water pansies plants.

How often do you water Geranium Plants? 

Are you worried about the water required by geranium plants? No worries! It depends on various factors, it might be the sunlight needs, whether you have planted them in the container or pots, and so on. Do you know what is the best way of watering geraniums in pots? How often do you need to water your geranium plants? how often do you water geraniums in the winter?

You have to water your geranium by checking the top half-inch soil of your plant. If the soil is dry, then it’s the appropriate time to water them. You can water geranium plants 1-2 times a week. Do not overwater them and the tips for watering the geranium plants will be discussed below. 

Tips for watering your geranium plants

Below are the tips that you have to follow for watering your geranium plants: 

  • You have to make sure that you do not overwater your plant as it can harm the plant. You need to check the soil’s moisture, then only you should water them.
  • You need to keep drainage holes in your pot or container in which you are planting. Your pot needs to be well-drained. If not, then it will lead to root rot, so well drainage is important for the geranium plants. 
  • You have to give proper fertilizer to your plant. You might not fertilize them in a great way, so you have to check the level of fertilizer you are giving to your plants. 

How to Water Geraniums? 

Plants should be watered properly at the right time so that they grow well. Geraniums whether annuals or perennials can grow at their best if you provide them the water at the right time. Now, you might be thinking what’s the right time to water them or how to water geranium plants? Guys, you have to check the layer of the soil, if it is dry, then you should know that it is the right time to water them. 

Geraniums tend to grow in moist soil, so it is better to let them dry and then water them. It will not let overwet the plants and you will grow healthier plants. Are you aware of the water needs of the geraniums? That depends on the factors that might change with time. So, let’s know how to water geraniums: 

  • You can provide your geraniums with rainwater if possible.
  • Check when your geraniums start to remain underwater.  
  • No need to water the geraniums regularly.
  • Give gaps between the watering system of the geraniums. 
  • You have to water if the top 2-inch soil gets dry.

When should you water geraniums that are planted outside? 

As your plant receives direct sunlight outdoors in your garden area, there are more chances for the plant to become healthier. The flow of the air helps the plant to stay away from diseases. 

You can water your geranium plant 2-3 days a week when planted outside. By checking the top layer of the soil, you can check whether they need water or not.  

When should you water geraniums that are planted inside? 

Folks, if you have planted your geranium plants as a houseplant, then the plants do not need much water as compared to the outside plant as they are not receiving sunlight directly

You have to make sure not to water too much your indoor geranium plant as that can harm the plant. When you see your plant is drooping as you observed in the polka dot plant you are either overwatering them or underwatering them which is not good for the plant. 

So, water the plant to keep the soil moist, and the plant will grow well.  

Binding up the context 

In this article, you come to know about the water requirements of geranium plants. They are beautiful plants that are loved by all and are one of the most popular plants all over the world. They give gorgeous colorful flowers that bloom the garden and make it stunning. I hope you will look forward to properly watering your geranium plants. 


1. How do you know if your geraniums are overwatered?

You can come to understand if the geraniums are overwatered by checking the leaves of the geraniums, if they turn yellow, then it is due to overwatering. You need to avoid watering them to let them dry out. They do not like to be in the water for long. 

2. Do geraniums like sun or shade?

Geraniums love to be in the full sun for their growth except for a few like ivy geranium. The annual geraniums tend to grow in the full sun whereas perennials love to grow in partial shade. 

3. Why is geranium dying?

The geranium plants die due to less watering or over-watering. As said excess of everything is bad. So you should not water your geraniums improperly which harms the plant. 

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