How to Choose the right size Grow Tent for your Indoor Garden and Plants that fit in it?

How to Choose the right size Grow Tent for Your Indoor Garden and Plants that Fit in it? Most people are planting in their homes. They love to feel the fresh air and want their home to look more nature friendly. At the beginning of this trend, many problems were faced by the people. But now there are so many artificial benefits you have that anyone can grow plants like Kabocha squash easily in their home by creating an artificial natural environment. Grow tent is one example. 

Key takeaways:

  • Collapsible tents known as grow tents or grow rooms enable you to grow your plants inside.
  • You may divide your garden ecosystem from the rest of your interior area with a grow tent.
  • Many people face trouble in selecting the right size of tent for their houseplants. 

Well, you don’t need to struggle more. This article will help you to choose a proper size to grow tent for your indoor plants that would be completely fit. Also, we have discussed some of the best grow tents that you can use to grow your indoor plants. 

Why use Grow Tents?

Many of you may be thinking about why to use these grow tents. How it can be compared to the natural ecosystem and maybe it can harm my plants. Well, these all are just a myth. There is no comparison of these grows tents with the natural environment, it is just an alternative for those people who want to grow plants inside their homes where the natural ecosystem is not present. You will be further satisfied after reading the benefits of Grow tent given below:

Better Photosynthesis

Photosynthesis is the life cycle of a plant. Grow tent helps the plant to boost this process. This is because a grow tent’s reflective mylar inner “walls” guarantee that your plants receive an abundance of good light from all directions without light leaks. By doing this, issues with lower leaves that are yellowing or weak and failing stems and branches that do not face a light source are removed.

Controlled Atmosphere

In outdoor planting, you don’t have any control over environmental factors like temperature or humidity. This sometimes leads to damage to your plant. But with a grow tent, you have the very best benefit of controlling the temperature or humidity levels to provide proper growing conditions for your plant. The plants help in the air to purify the air to breadth.

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Save Money

We have learned from the above point that by controlling the environmental factors, you can decrease the chances of crop failure. You do not need to construct a separate building, such as a greenhouse. Additionally, you do not need to travel in inclement weather to go to your garden. This will cost you less.

Odour Control

Fertilization is an important part of the growth of a plant. The grow tent will offer you the benefit that your indoor atmosphere will not change due to any use of these chemical fertilizers. The odor of these chemicals will remain confined in the grow tent.

How to Choose the right size Grow Tent for Your Indoor Garden and the Plants that Fit in it?

In the above section, we have discussed some of the benefits of using a grow tent, so now you don’t need to think about investing in this amazing project for your indoor planting. The most common problem that people face is that they are unable to select the right size of Grow tent. You must learn that the size of the Grow tent depends upon some factors that we have discussed below. After reading about these factors, it will be very easy for you to select the perfect size.

Size of the plant

The very first thing is the size of the plant that you want to grow inside a grow tent. The best advice is, if you want to use grow tent then you need to cultivate dwarf species of plants so that they can fit into it. This will provide you with a better space inside a grow tent.

Number of plants

It is very obvious that after you select the size of the plant then you need to focus on the maximum number of plants you want to grow. To give all of your plants the room they require for significant harvests, you might need to use numerous grow tents.


This means the pathways to the grow tent. After analyzing the size and number of plants to grow, if the grow tent is big enough, you should also think about paths into it and how distant your plants are from light sources.


This factor includes where you want to set up your grow tent. To decide between a little and a large tent, you must consider the amount of space you have available in your house. Most commonly, people set up grow tents in their garages or the basement. So, select as per that.

Power Consumption

Many of you don’t know the fact that the power consumed by a grow tent to work also depends on its size. The amount of amperage needed to power the tent will rise along with the tent’s size. So, keep this factor in your mind that an increase in power consumption will affect the cost of the setup. 

Tips to grow the plant in Grow tent

  • If you are a beginner and worried about how to use Grow tent then here are some of the tips that you can use to cultivate plants in a grow tent more efficiently. You can also lower the humidity to grow plants in grow tent.
  • The first point to keep in mind is to give attention to the health and growth of your plant. Many people put their plants in a grow tent and then forget about caring. So, avoid this mistake.
  • The plant needs sufficient lighting to grow. So, if you place plants on shelves inside the growing tent then make sure to rotate plants after some time so that they can absorb an equal amount of light each day.
  • All year long, take the time to savor the growth and harvesting of your one food.
  • Setting your plants’ lights to a timer can help you remember to switch the lights on while also ensuring that the illumination in the grow tent is consistent for flowering.

Concluding lines

In this guide, you come to know that no matter what type of grower you are, it is clear that there are many excellent grow tent options available. If you are a beginner then go for a less expensive one. This will help you to give a proper idea of the working of grow tents and then you can go for the expensive ones. Use the above-mentioned techniques and we are sure this time you will get the perfect size of grow tent for your indoor plants. Thanks for reading! 


How much space does a humidifier take up in a grow tent?

The humidifier will take about 11 inches by 7 inches of space in your grow tent for itself.  

How much space do you need to grow cannabis in a bag?

For growing cannabis, you need about 44 to 49 cm of space for every plant there. 

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