Peace lily flowers turning green! - How to fix Green Peace lily Blooms?

Peace lily flowers turning green! – How to fix Green Peace lily Blooms?

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Do you know how to fix Green Peace Lily Blooms? Do you know why peace lily flowers turn green? Hey folks, have you ever thought of peace lily flowers? Do you know about the peace lily? If yes, then it’s good. But no worries! In this guide, you will come to know about the peace lily flowers in detail.

Quick takeaways:

  • The peace lily is a famous tropical plant that tends to thrive in cool weather conditions.
  • With its elegant beauty, it attracts everyone but one thing that saddens everyone is that these flowers start to turn green which is not a good signal for the flowers. 
  • Peace lily’s blossoms attract everyone towards them.

If you want to grow the beautiful peace lilies in your garden, then you should know about it properly. Let us get started and know, how to fix green Peace lily Blooms?

Why Do Your Peace Lily Flowers Turn Green?  

Are you worried because of the peace lilies? Do you face the problem of peace lily turning green? There is a part on the peace lily known as spathe, what can you say is a leaf or bract that needs to revolve around the flowers. What does the spathe do? It tends to change the color of the flowers. 

Firstly, it turns the lilies into a green color and then to bright white and then again to green color which shows that the flowers are faded and are of no more use. They will destroy the look of your garden. The whole process will ultimately turn the flower brown and vanish. Why does it happen? But these spathes are just part of it. The two main factors that revolve around this green turning of the peace lily are:


As we know excess of everything is bad, the peace lilies can’t bear the fertilization, these lilies can grow simply if you provide them with low fertilizers. But also no fertilizing will lead to its zero growth or even no blossoms. 

Over sunlight-

These lilies require less sunlight as compared to other plants for growing. If you plant them in more sunlight, then it will give more green color to your lilies due to photosynthesis. Provide them with proper sunlight if you want their proper growth with beautiful blossoms. 

How to fix Green Peace Lily Blooms? 

As discussed above the reasons behind the green turning of peace lilies. Now, let us know how to fix green Peace lily Blooms? The factors or preventions that can fix the issue of green turning of peace lilies can be discovered here. However, we won’t be able to control the green turning of lilies fully as they will surely get the green shade as it’s naturally. But here we can know a few points on how to fix green peace lily blooms? :

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  • Watering system- You should water your lilies frequently. Provide it with water whenever the soil gets dry. But also avoid the overwatering condition.
  • Fertilizers- You have to provide them with light fertilizers. When the growth is going, provide them with fertilizers. Whenever you see a green pigment color, stop the fertilization process. Over-fertilization may lead your peace lilies to turn their leaves brown. 
  • Sunlight- The sunlight required by the peace lilies should be light as they can’t bear much light, but if you provide them with too much light, they will turn green. If you are placing the plant indoors, then indirect sunlight is appropriate for them. If the peace lily is provided with excess of sunlight then it is possible the leaves turn yellow.
  • Weather- Do not place your lilies in a cold atmosphere, also the warm air can harm the plant.

Wrapping up the context 

In this article, you come to know about the peace lilies and, how to fix Green Peace lily Blooms? The peace lily is a famous tropical plant that tends to thrive in cool weather conditions. The best thing about this is they can be grown quickly if you know its process. I hope this article will be helpful for you all.


Should I cut the green flowers off my peace lily?

Yes, you can cut the green flowers from your lilies. The flowers are made on the stalks and when the stalk makes a flower, it won’t make another one. Eventually, when the flower gets destroyed, so will the stalk, and will die. 

How long do the peace lily flowers last?

Peace lilies can last more than a month if you provide them with proper care. Place them in indirect sunlight for better results. 

Why do the flowers turn green?

The turning of the white color flower into the green color is due to photosynthesis as when you prove the plant has too much light, they absorb that and perform photosynthesis and resulting in the green color which is not a good sign for the plant. 

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