How to grow Thyme from Cuttings? - Tips for Propagating Thyme 

How to grow Thyme from Cuttings? – Tips for Propagating Thyme 

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How to grow Thyme from Cuttings? Are you looking for more fresh seasonings to grow in your garden? You can easily propagate thyme in your garden. Let us move forward to know about its process.

Key takeaways:

  • There is a herb that one can grow in his home garden to take benefit from it.
  • It is an archaic herb that can suit best even in the kitchen or the dishes.
  • Thyme is one the most famous and is mostly grown in the garden.
  • Thyme gives you bright vegetation with its mild fragrance.
  • It can even survive in the wintertime and give you a long-lasting effect if you maintain them properly. It has an amazing taste.

Don’t you want to grow such an aromatic herb in your garden? If yes, then be connected. 

You can easily propagate thyme in your garden. Gardeners know the art of growing thyme in their home garden.  Thyme growing slowly means it takes time in its process. It gives you amazing and colorful flowers like pink, white, etc and it is liked by the bees. So, without waiting for anything else, let us move forward to know about its process of growing and some tips like the Musk Mallow plant so that thyme gives you long-lasting results. 

What is Thyme?

The antique herb, thyme, is an easy-growing herb. Thyme is used in various cooking items as seasonings. Its green foliage suits the garden best. You can even pair them with other herbs. Almost every Grower in the United States has grown thyme in their places. And why not? It serves so amazingly and even has various benefits that are mentioned below: 

Some of the benefits of thyme

  • You can prevent hair lice issues by using thyme.
  • You can cure your acne.
  • It supports your immune system.
  • It helps in curing stomach aches. 
  • Thyme is a natural ingredient that can fight yeast infections. 

How to Grow Thyme from cuttings? 

Growing thyme in your home garden is a great thought no doubt. It is only possible if you know the process of growing them. If not, no worries! We are here to give you information about the process of growing thyme through cuttings. Let us proceed:

Step 1- Firstly, you have to pick an 8cm cutting of thyme from the mother plant. 

Step 2- After that, you have to remove all the leaves and the buds from the bottom of the cutting. 

Step 3- You are required to put the cutting in the rooting gel. 

Step 4– By putting them in the rooting gel, you have to put the cuttings in any basket or pot.

Step 5- Before putting them in the pot, you need to fill them with the potting mix.

Step 6- You have to care for your plant so that it grows at its best just like sweet broom shrubs.

This is how you are done with the process of growing thyme from cuttings. Isn’t this easy? Then whom are you waiting for? Go forward and grow the amazing thyme in your home garden. 

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Tips for propagating Thyme 

Folks, what do you think is important? Of course, it is important to take care of every plant, herb, or flower you grow in your garden so that they give you the desired results. So, let us know about some of the tips for propagating thyme:

Tip 1: Water them properly

For the long-lasting effect of your thyme, you have to give water once a week or a month if it rains. They can bear the drought consequences so do not demand regular water. You just need to water them when the soil gets waterless. 

Tip 2: Provide them with full sun

You have to fulfill their sunlight needs as they need full sun for their growth which shows that at least 6 hours of sunlight is necessary for them. You can plant them in any decorative sight so that it improves their elegance. If you are planting them indoors, then choose a location where they receive plenty of sunlight for their growth. 

Tip 3: Fertilizer needs 

Thyme plants do not require any kind of fertilization all long summer for their growth. You can put some compost in the soil at the time of growing them. It will give them an extra push to give bright foliage.

Tip 4: Soil facilities 

What do you think about the soil required by thyme plants? As mentioned above, thyme is an easy-growing plant, so it can even perform well if in poor soil. You can provide them with loamy soil so that they perform well. 

How can you prune the thyme? 

Though people forget to do things on time, it is necessary to prune them on time. But how to prune? You have to trim the thyme in the following ways: 

  • You can cut the yellow or dead leaves.
  • If you see the woody stems that are not growing, you can cut them.
  • You have to cut the newly generated pair of leaves. 

Binding up the context 

In this article, you come to know about thyme which is no doubt a great kitchen ingredient. Thyme is used in various cooking items as seasonings. Its green foliage suits the garden best. You can even pair them with other herbs. Almost every Grower in the United States has grown thyme in their places. 


How long does it take thyme cuttings to root?

Thyme cuttings can take 3-4 weeks to spread their sprouts. 

Does thyme grow in water?

Yes, thyme can grow best in water. 

How long will a thyme plant live?

A thyme plant can live for more than 5 up to but won’t last for long if you won’t take care of them properly.

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