How to Propagate String Of Pearls? – Speedy Succulents (The Fastest Way)

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How to Propagate String Of Pearls? The string of pearls name is so right for this plant that it actually looks like a string having a pearl size pod almost looking like pearls in green color. In this article, we will reveal how you can propagate the strings of pearl plants in the fastest way and what care you will be giving your string of pearls to keep it going.

The scientific name of a string of pearls is Senecio rowleyanus, known for its fast-growing ability. The plants are so easy to propagate. Though the plant has the ability to self-propagate as well. The plant is so easy to grow and is loved by beginners a lot. The plants look really aesthetic and elegant in the hanging pots. The bead-like leaves are absolutely unique looking and eye catchy. The strings of pearls are actually the succulents making the propagation easier for you and even the care.

Propagating the String of pearls in the fastest way 

If you want to propagate the strings of pearls in the fastest and most rewarding way then we suggest you use cuttings of the plant to propagate them. You should propagate the plant during the summer or spring season when the plant is super active and not during the fall time as the plant is a little slow or dormant just like other succulents.

You can cut the section using the sharp clean pruners and cut the plant at the extended stem near the end having the leaves. Let’s look at the other material that you need for propagating the string of pearls

Propagation tools that you must have

A good sanitized potting mix that is well-draining, a spray bottle, sharp scissors or pruning shears, a pot small-sized to medium-sized with good drainage holes, and healthy and clean cuttings of the plant are the main stuff that you need for strings of pearls. Make sure that the pot is not too small or too big. The size of the pot should be between 4 to 6 inches.

The potting mix should have pumice or perlite for good drainage. For a good amount of nutrients add compost into the potting soil mix.

You might need floral pins to keep the cutting in place and it prevents less moving.

Yes, you can use a pencil for creating the holes but using chopsticks is a game changer. You can create holes for even the thin cutting as well.

How to Propagate String Of Pearls?

Collect the cutting

The strings of pearls need to be cut about 4 inches and this will be used as cutting for propagation. You need to cut between the leaves and the portion that you cut down should be healthy, green, and without any infection or mold. Use sharp pruning shears that are clean and let the cuttings get dry so that roots stay away from bacteria or root rot. 

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Prepare the mix and pot

Use a small pot and the potting mix that is without any fungal growth or bacteria. The potting mix should be well draining as well and moist. The moisture in the soil is really important for the growth of roots. Mix the soil with a little sand and compost to add nutrients to it. 

Plant the cutting

Remove the few leaves at the bottom of the cutting and plant the cutting into the soil, by making holes in the soil. The cutting will need time to emerge from the roots but as the roots appear the plant will grow at a fast speed. Make sure that the soil is well moist. Water the plant with spray and not can which can damage the plantlet. 


As the roots are grown well the plant needs to be repotted in a large-sized pot. It is important that the plant after 5 months should be fed with all-purpose diluted fertilizer. 

Propagating in water

Another method to propagate the strings of pearls using cuttings is to propagate in water. Take 3-5 inches of the string of pearls cutting and remove two-three leaves from the bottom and place it in the water. You can also add growth hormone into the water. The roots will emerge after 24 hours. Plant the section into the pot with drained and moist soil.


How do you make a string of pearls fuller? 

Pruning the string of pearls plant from the top can make the plant fuller. Trim down the plant near the soil to enhance growth and leaves. 

What is the best soil for a string of pearls? 

The soil having more sand is the best for strings of pearls. The sandy soil is great for the roots of strings of pearls as the drainage is quite well in this soil. The moist and well-draining soil is what these plants want. 

How long can a string of pearls live? 

There is no particular time limit for the pearls of strings to live. With the proper care, these plants can live for five years otherwise with poor conditions the plant will not survive for long. Plants have a great ability to propagate and grow fast. The plant can be grown forever by propagation and proper care. 

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