Hoya Krimson Queen vs Princess - What are the Differences?

Hoya Krimson Queen vs Princess – What are the Differences?

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Presenting a clear picture for Hoya Krimson Queen vs Princess comparison as they have a lot of similarities and differences from each other. The difference lies in the color of leaves or the variegation of leaves.

Quick takeaways:

  • Hoya Krimson Queen leaves have a center which is of green color with white colored edges whereas the princess has leaves with a center of creamish or white color with green colored margins.
  • The Hoya Krimson Queen shows faded pink colored flowers and has a brown colored stem, while the krimson princess has dark pink colored flowers with a pink colored stem that looks extraordinary and shows some differences between the plants.
  • These plants are popular among houseplants due to the beauty and elegance they bring indoors and are placed on a wooden table.
  • These plants are known for their super glossy and waxy leaves.
  • They are so easy to grow that many beginners prefer to start the game with these plants.

Just not that they look super attractive in the hanging pots so they are a great alternative to vines.

Hoya Krimson Queen vs Princess

In this article, we will let you know all the differences between these two plants and the related information that you need to know. So buckle up! And let’s get started!

What is Hoya Krimson Queen?

Originally belonging to Asia and Australia, the Hoya Krimson Queen plans have the scientific name Hoya Carnosa Rubra that are popular for the lanceolate leaves that have no variegations and the reddish pink colored flowers that are ultra pretty.

What is Hoya Krimson Princess?

The Hoya Krimson Princess is a lot similar to queens as they also belong to the same culture that is hoya carnosa and are native to Asia and Australia. Their scientific name is Hoya carnosa albomarginata. The flowers of these plants have a pinkish appearance and look really unique. The leaves of these plants mostly have variegated forms of leaves.


As indicated before both of these plants belong to the same cultivar Hoya carnosa which is why they look related to hoya in different ways.

It is obvious that they belong to the same family and the family is Apocynaceae, which mostly has flowers star-shaped or star-shaped.

In Leaf Color, Size, and Texture

The leaves of Hoya Krimson Queen are larger than the princess. Even the krimson princess has thicker and more fleshy leaves which is not the case with the queen.

Also, the Hoya Krimson Queen and Princess leaves appear glossy due to the waxy coating on the leaves surface. The texture is present more on the leaves of the queen than on the princess.

The leaves of krimson queen have a white margin and the green color is deep dark with brown stems whereas the krimson princess plants have green borderlines with a creamy white center. The leaves have variegation that could be pink, white, or green in color.


The flowers of Hoya Krimson Queen are complete of pink color whereas the flowers of Hoya Krimson Princess have reddish pink colored flowers. Though both of the flowers are very pretty. The krimson princess flowers have a reddish center that looks really attractive and fabulous. Both of the plants will bloom in outdoor conditions instead of indoor conditions. 


The Hoya Krimson Princess plants don’t get much tall when they are indoors, reaching 4 ft in length only whereas when they are outside or in the native habitat they can get to the height of 16-18 feet. Anyhow these are still shorter than the Hoya Krimson Queen plants. The Krimson Queen plants reach 7 feet height indoors whereas 25 feet tall when outdoors. 

Growth rate

The Krimson Queen plants grow with more speed than the Hoya Krimson Princess plants due to the low amount of photosynthesis doing pigment called chlorophyll in Krimson Princess plants.

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The water needed depends on the thickness of the leaves. So the Krimson Queen with thin leaves demands water more frequently than the Krimson Princess plants that have thick leaves. You can water the Krimson Queen plant two times a week which is once a week for the princess plant.


The Krimson Princess plant needs more sunlight than the Krimson Queen. By this, we mean that the plant would do great if it gets morning direct sunlight. The Krimson Queen needs indirect and bright sunlight. These both are tropical plants but still, the sunlight requirement varies a little in both cases. 


Using an organic fertilizer or compost is beneficial for the Krimson Queen plants. The compost would also be great for adding nutrients to the Krimson Queen but the Krimson Princess needs fertilizer that is diluted into half and then used. Both of these legendary plants don’t need much fertilizer so make sure not to overdo it. 

Which is more pricey: Krimson Queen or Krimson Princess? 

The Krimson Queen lately is getting more pricey than the Krimson Princess. Though there’s not a big difference between their prices. The average price of Krimson Queen plants is in the range of $30 to $50 whereas the price of Krimson Princess is in the range of $18 to $20, this price is based on the plant size. Though the price may vary according to the location. 

Similarities between Hoya Krimson Queen and Krimson Princess?

  • Have similar flowering seasons 
  • Both of the plants don’t need much pruning
  • Both Krimson Queen and Krimson Princess like humidity to be in the level of 70-80% 
  • The Krimson Queen and Princess both being tropical plants love humidity and also high temperatures that are in the range of 65-95 degrees Fahrenheit 
  • The Krimson Queen and Krimson Princess plant-like soil is well draining and has good aeration. Though these plants in the outdoor conditions hang on the other plants with the roots in the air. The potting mix you use indoors for these plants can be improved by adding peat moss, bark, and perlite.
  • Both of these plants don’t like repotting that much. They can still be repotted every 3-4 years into a large pot and well-draining soil. 


Is Hoya Krimson Queen the same as Tricolor? 

Hoya Krimson Queen has another name as tricolor as they are derived from the cultivar Hoya carnosa known for the variegated leaves and the colors on the leaves like pink, green, and creamy white making them really attractive. 

Does the Hoya Krimson Princess turn pink? 

There are chances that your Krimson Princess can change color which depends on the amount of sunlight they get in a day. If the pink leaves are showing on the plant there is nothing to worry about as the plant is getting the optimum amount of sunlight. 

How do you make Hoya Krimson Queen pink? 

By giving more or extended time of sunlight exposure the leaves of Krimson Queen can be turned pink. The light can be direct but not for too long a time, it’s like you give them indirect sunlight for most ™ and for an hour provide the plant direct sunlight. 

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