How to Grow & Care for Monstera Deliciosa 'Albo Variegata'

How to Grow & Care for Monstera Deliciosa ‘Albo Variegata’ (2023)

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The Monstera Deliciosa has become one of the hottest plants in the market because of the stunning foliage on the leaves. You can deny planting the plant in their home. They belong to the subspecies of monstera deliciosa. They are basically tropical species that are native to Central and South America. The plant does have heavy variegation, glossy heart-shaped leaves that make them an ornamental plant. This article will help you with how to grow and care for  Monstera Deliciosa ‘Albo Variegata’.

Key takeaways:

  • There is no presence of chlorophyll in their creamy stripes like leaves as other plants do have. 
  • The full name of monstera deliciosa is monstera albo borsigiana. 
  • The part of plants that doesn’t contain chlorophyll is having mutated cells that don’t make them able to absorb the sunlight. 
  • Only green parts of the plants contain chlorophyll. 

How to Grow & Care for Monstera Deliciosa ‘Albo Variegata’

In order to take care of the plant you need to provide the plant with adequate light, sufficient watering, a warm, humid environment, etc. There is not much care needed for the plant as they are a bit hardy. The following are some practical caring tips you need to follow to grow Monstera Deliciosa.

  • Light
  • Watering
  • Temperature
  • Humidity
  • Soil
  • Fertilizer
  • Potting and repotting
  • Pruning 
  • Propagation


You need to place the plant in the east-face window where it will be able to receive an ample amount of filtered light. The other option is to grow the plant near a bright window and the window should have a curtain so that it acts like a filtered light in case of intensive sunlight. Need to choose the place very strategically so that the sunlight doesn’t fall on the plant leaves directly. Avoid the plant to get the full exposure but you need to make sure to give the plant some afternoon shade which will help the plant leaf from scorching and the damage to the foliage.

How to Grow & Care for Monstera Deliciosa 'Albo Variegata'
monstera deliciosa


As they are the Hardy ornamental plant consisting of a larger amount of leaves so you need to take care of the water system full stop typically you need to do the watering when the top end of the soil dries out. Also, you will find that the plant will look more beautiful when it is in drier soil than in wet soggy medium soil. You need to avoid over-watering as it will result in causing root rot and damage to the root system. 

How to Grow & Care for Monstera Deliciosa 'Albo Variegata'
monstera deliciosa


The temperature range of the monster plant ranges between 65 to 85 degrees Fahrenheit. The plant does possess a low-temperature tolerance so we need to attain the adult temperature and don’t keep the plant in a cold draft or near hot air. The hardiness zone of the plant lies between 9b to 11. In case you are growing the plant outside then you need to bring the plant inside. 


humidity required by the plant is quite high so you can use the humidifier or set up a Pebble tree to attend to the humidity level of the plant which is between 70 to 85%. Keeping the plant in good humid condition will help the plant to remain vibrant and healthy. 


The preferred soil for growing should be well-drained and rich in soil mix. To make the proper soil for monstera deliciosa You need to mix an equal proportion of Peat Moss for OM, perlite for drainage cocoa for texture, and fresh Garden soil. The ideal pH level is around 5.5 to 7.0 which is acidic to neutral. You can easily adjust the texture by adding more perlite. 


You need to give the Monstera albo fertilizer at least once a month but in the growing season, you can increase the amount of applying to twice a month. The ratio that you can feed the plant is 20-20-20. Doing this will help your plant to look happy with healthy foliage. remember not to use excess fertilizer as it will damage the plant. 

How to Grow & Care for Monstera Deliciosa 'Albo Variegata'
monstera deliciosa


As the monstera albo is a climbing plant so you need to give the support of the plants like a bamboo stake, coco air, or a pole climber. If you provide the plant support of the plant there is a high chance of having larger foliage. 

Potting and repotting:

For repotting a  Monstera Albo you need to have a rich and well-draining mix. Use a pot that does have sufficient drainage holes to get excess moisture out of it. You need to do the repotting when you see the plant root start coming out of the current pot then it’s high time to repot the plant in another pot having inches more in diameter.


The pruning method is very effective to prevent the foliage from turning full green. You need to trim off the stems and leaves that are green. You need to remember to provide the plant ample amount of filtered light. By cutting the plant, damage to leaves and flowers helps to keep them away from pests and disease. In case the plant is infected you need to use sterile shears will help to prevent in spreading of the disease all over the plant.

How to Grow & Care for Monstera Deliciosa 'Albo Variegata'
monstera deliciosa


You can easily propagate the monstera albo by stem cutting with the help of a sterile Pruning knife or shear and then just cut the healthy stem that is having at least one node. After cutting you can plant it into the soil or submerge the cutted stem in water. There are many other factors that help the plant in faster growth such as perlite and sphagnum moss as they have antibacterial properties that help the roots from rotting. 


There are many problems that you face while planting monstera albo due to overwatering Or underwatering which leads to turning off the plant’s leaves brown and yellow. They are also infected by pests, growing problems, etc. The above-mentioned ways will help you to grow the monstera albo at a fast-growing rate. 

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