15 Predators that Eat Spider Mites

Are you struggling with the spider mites on your plant? No worries! We are here with the article that will be discussing Predators that Eat Spider Mites. Spider mites are one of the pests that spoil vegetation whether you have planted your plants outdoors or indoors. Especially they concentrate on the indoor plants so that they eat them or suck their fluid and gain the nutrients of the plant.

Key takeaways:

  • Spider mites are little bugs that come in reddish-orange and they tend to destroy the vegetation of your garden area.
  • They can come to your garden in the summertime and spoil the plants by feeding on them.
  • They even tend to grow nests on the plants as they make the leaves infected and the leaves will turn brown after that. At the extreme level, they will die. 
  • It gives birth to predators as predators can help you in getting rid of the spider mites.
  • Numerous predators will eat the spider mites so that they save your plant.

So, in this guide, you will come to know about some of the best 15 predators that will help you in keeping the pests away by eating them.

15 Predators that Eat Spider Mites

15 Predators That Eat Spider Mites

Below is the list of the predators that eat the spider mites: 

1. Phytoseiulus Persimilis Californicus

The first choice for keeping the pests away from your plant is the Phytoseiulus Persimillis Californicus. A bug called this double spider mite can be found on plants all around the world. Because of their rapid pace of reproduction, it is impossible to regulate indoor plants with pesticides and herbicides. 

Therefore, it is suggested that you add the phytoseiulus Persimilis predatory to your indoor and outdoor plants to successfully combat the spread of the two-spotted spider mite. It will for sure control the spread of the mites in the plants. 

2. Galendromus occidentalis

Pest mites on plants are controlled biologically by the galendromus occidentalis. It has a pear-like form and is typically smaller than spider mites. Typically, they are born white and acquire color after their first feeding. 

All phases of the double spider mite’s life cycle are consumed by this predator. It can proliferate as swiftly as spider mites but does not eat plants. They often prey on two-spotted spider mite species, hence their coloration. 

3. Feltiella acarisuga

Spider mites will spoil the whole vegetation if you do not get rid of them on time. So, here is another predator that will help you in eating the spider mites. 

They attack both indoor plants and even outdoor plants. The plant will change its color to yellow first, then it will begin to die. So, here is the predator that will help you to keep them away from your plants. 

4. Green Lacewing 

The red spider mites on indoor and outdoor plants are the target of the green Lacewing predator, an overall bug. Feed the green lacewing embryos to your plants at the first sign of an infestation to control the mites. 

However, if the infestation is bad, think of the lacewing larvae that move around and feed on the spider mites. Furthermore, spider mites on plants can be killed at any point in their life cycle. 

5. Stethorus Punctillum

Another predator is here for the rescue. You can make use of these predators for eating the spider mites so that they get killed. 

They are smaller in size and are famous for destroying spider mites. What else do you need for your garden? They can save your vegetation from mites. They will not take time and kill the mites by observing them. 

6. Ladybugs

You might have used the ladybugs for attacking the pests like aphids, mites, etc. as they have the potential to eat them all at a time which can save your plant. 

Lady bugs will stay on the plant so that they eat the mites like spruce spider mites, two-spotted spider mites, etc. 

7. Spined soldier bugs​

Speed soldier bugs are also great predators that will help in eating spider mites. They can even eat other pests that eat the vegetation such as flea beetles, cabbage loopers, and many more.

They belong to the stink bug family and can eat pests like spider mites. 

8. Ambyseius Swirskil

As you know various pests tend to roam around the plant’s sot they can eat the plant by sucking this fluid to gain nutrients. But there is a way out to save your plants from these pests. 

They are the predators named Ambrosius swirskii who live on the underside of the leaves and eat the spider mites whenever they come. 

9. Neoseiulus fallacies

They are known for their ability to kill the pests or diseases that spread in the plants. They also tend to eat spider mites as mites destroy the vegetation of the garden area. 

These predators will feed on any species and work amazingly, so you can go for these predators and they will give you amazing results. 

10. Mesoseiulus longipes

It is another predator that can help you in getting rid of the spider mites as they eat them. They come in shades of reddish-orange color

They attain a size of about 0.5 cm long. They tend to stay on the underside of the plant. They attack the spider mites that grow on the plants and spoil the plants. 

11. Lacewing larva

Have you ever heard of this predator before? If not, then you won’t be able to save your plants. They are even known as aphid lions

For getting rid of the mites, you can go for the lacewing larva. They can consume about 11,200 spider mites.  

12. Orius

One of the predators that will help you in getting rid of the spider mites is the Orius

They are considered the fastest killer of spider mites. The mites will fly off from the plant then only.

13. Whiteflies

Whiteflies are the other predators and even the parasites for your plants. You can introduce them so that they control the spread of spider mites. 

If various spider mites are spoiling your vegetation, then you can make use of the whiteflies so they help in removing them. 

14. Western Flower Thrips

Spider mites are not a favorite food of all thrips. However, spider mites are a favorite food of Western flower thrips. These thrips are omnivorous, which means they consume arthropods, insects, and plant life. 

They are dangerous to pests because they consume the mites and fight against them for plant-based foods.

15. Predatory Thrips

Last but not least, predatory thrips are other predators that will help you. They are one of the predators that have the potential to save your plant from spider mites. 

They try to attack the plants that have diseases and feed on the pests. You won’t be able to recognize them from afar as they are tiny creatures.

Moreover, they have the capacity to take away thirty-five mites in one day. 

Concluding lines

In this guide, you come to know that Spider mites are little bugs that come in reddish-orange and they tend to destroy the vegetation of your garden area. They can come to your garden in the summertime and spoil the plants by feeding on them. It becomes difficult to get rid of them but you need to keep them away from your plants. 

Predators are ideal for you here as they can help you in getting rid of the spider mites. Numerous predators will eat the spider mites so that they save your plant. Read the whole guide so that you understand it properly. 

Thanks for reading! Happy gardening! 


1. Are spider mites available in the soil? 

Yes, they can even spread in the soil. They will infect the plants and the soil too.  

2. Is there any way to kill the spider mites quickly? 

Yes, there is a quick way out of killing your mites easily. You have to use alcohol to kill the mites. As it has properties to kill mites. 

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