What is Euonymus?- How to Prune Euonymus? – Trimming Euonymus Japonicus

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How to Prune Euonymus? The species of genus euonymus are shrubs and evergreens, which are perfect varieties as houseplants and decorating the garden as they create such a clean and elegant look if pruned well. The flowers are white and the fruits are berry-like. Native to Australia, North America, Europe, and Asia. 

These plants are drought resistant so are hardy too and can thrive well in the garden. This plant does need much care, you can trim down or prune them in various shapes, lengths, or whatever you want with so many options in color. They have several varieties. The plants grow quite quickly, so another reason for pruning this plant.

You can be creative with pruning the euonymus plants. Take a look at the way you will prune Euonymus and everything related to pruning euonymus plants. 

What is Euonymus?- How to Prune Euonymus? - Trimming Euonymus Japonicus

What do you need to prune Euonymus Japonicus?

So in this article, we are gonna find out how to prune euonymus japonicus, here are the tools you need for pruning the euonymus evergreen plant. The tools you use for trimming should be sterile and cleaned up well.

The hand pruning shears. lopping shears, and hedge trimmers, can be used to prune or trim the euonymus shrubs. The mid-spring or summer is considered an ideal time for pruning these plants. These tools should be sharp enough and sterile. 

1. Pruning and Trimming Euonymus 

The spring is here and that euonymus plant needs shaping. The big bush and the density of euonymus shrubs scream “prune”. For this, you need to thin it down by removing the aged branches or damaged ones or giving them lateral or side trims.

The branches that are misshapen or abruptly directed can also be pruned. To save other branches it is essential to remove the diseased branches. 

2. Shaping of Euonymus

The shape of this bushy shrub is needed to maintain. What’s bad about getting creative with the shape and size of Euonymus!? 

You can prune the tips of the stems, slowly trimming branch by branch, if they have outgrown and gained more height than needed. This will help you to control the length of euonymus. Also, trimming enhances the growth of tips.

How much do you prune Euonymus? 

In a few cases, if the euonymus plant doesn’t show much dense foliage, or has a pest attack and the branches seem to look scarce, then it is advised to go for hard pruning.

What you can do is after the frosting time is over you can remove a maximum of the branches. The branches appear in the springtime 

When do you prune Euonymus plants?

After the last frosts, or by the end of winter, pruning can be done as the plant is near the gate of the new growth phase”. This time is suited more to the deciduous variety of euonymus plants. 

Though different species of euonymus favor different pruning times. Pruning time for evergreen euonymus is determined by how hard they must be pruned.

If they require a hard cut to rejuvenate them or to reduce their size if they have grown too large for your space, do so while they are still dormant in late winter or early spring.

Prune Euonymus plant   

If the euonymus is thriving and needs to be pruned back again then don’t overthink and wait for weight time. The right time is early summertime or the late spring season when they are in a growing phase.

The time is efficient in pruning euonymus plants. Also, you should not prune euonymus plants if they are getting less time to hard again in winter. 

Benefits of pruning euonymus plants

  • You can control the shape and size of euonymus plants by pruning.
  • The health of plants is improved as they get cleaned up, and maintained well, and infections and pests can be eradicated.
  • The growth of the euonymus plant is enhanced by pruning.

Varieties of Euonymus

  • Euonymus japonicus, commonly known as Japanese spindle, has a lot of varieties and comes in glossy oval-shaped broad leaves that are small in size in a shade of green. 
  • Euonymus japonicus ‘green spire’, another name for Green Spire, has dark green leaves having a columnar shape.
  • Euonymus japonicus Aureovariegatus, with the common name gold spot, are easily spotted by their gloss green-yellow patched leaves. 
  • Euonymus japonicus ‘silver king’, simply another name for a silver king, produces leaves with silverish color margins.

To get more information on how to prune euonymus, click this link.


1. How do you prune a Japanese spindle blush?

If you are pruning your calico kitten plant, we suggest you do it in the summertime, mulching the soil well and good potting mix.

2. When should you cut back or prune euonymus?

After you plant euonymus, give it the time of half a year at least, and then prune it with pruning shears.

3. How much can you cut back on euonymus?

Euonymus plants need to prune just two times a whole year. If they have not overgrown that much then you should prune euonymus just once a year.

4. How do you look after euonymus japonicus?

Good heat and sun exposure should be there, partial shade can work too. They can’t withstand the frosty weather, and soil needs to be well-drained, moist, and has a little amount of sand. Water regularly in optimum quantity. 

5. Can you cut euonymus to the ground?

You can cut euonymus hedges by using a shearing tool. The euonymus plants can be shaped in any shape or size. It is best to keep the shape near to the natural and original form. 

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