12+ Raspberries Companion Plants - What to plant & what not to plant with Raspberries?

12+ Raspberries Companion Plants – What to plant & what not to plant with Raspberries?

This article will be a piece of guided information about some Raspberries Companion Plants. Companion plants are plants that can be grown with a specific plant and provide benefits. they are perfect to grow in your garden and are a great commercial crop.

Quick takeaways:

  • Raspberries are loaded with deliciousness and are grown in a good amount of sunlight and well-drained moist soil.
  • There are varieties of Raspberries Companion Plants that can be grown by you in your home garden.
  • Some of them are yarrow, marigolds, chervil, turnip, chives, mint, nasturtium, and many more explained below.
  • Even there are some plants that are not good Raspberries Companion Plants that are explained below.
  • The raspberries need a good amount of care and are perennial fruit with many cultivars.
  • To help the raspberries grow effectively, companion planting is a great choice and move to go.

 So, what are you waiting for? Let’s get started to know about the best Raspberries Companion Plants. Companion planting is planting two plants together to benefit one or even both. Let’s take a deeper look at the benefits of companion planting 

Benefits of companion planting 

  • Repelling the pest that can harm the main plant. 
  • Attract pollinators that will increase the pollination of flowers and thus the fruit.
  • Make the soil fertile and more suitable for growing healthy plants
  • Makes the fruits of the main plant tastier 
  • The parts of some plants can act as mulch for the main plant and groundcover
  • Make the spots beautiful 
  • Some plants with good height can provide good shade during the harsh sunlight 

Good companions of raspberries in a companion – Raspberries Companion Plantsplanting 

1. Garlic

Garlic with the garlicky smell, all pungent, and string keeps the pest away that might get attracted otherwise with the sweet smell of raspberries.

The garlic also seems to keep fungal infections away from the raspberries. Many beetles, especially Japanese ones, come near your raspberry plants when the garlic plant is nearby. 

2. Onion

The onion when planted near the raspberries means the raspberries are safe from getting attacked by pests and beetles. They also keep the deer and rabbits away from the garden which love to munch on fresh berries. Some other companion plants to grow with onion are Chamomile, Lettuce, Marigolds, Summer savory, etc.

3. Chives

Chives keep aphids away and other pesky pests away from the raspberries just like garlic and onion

4. Mint 

The raspberry aphids and Japanese beetles are the real culprits of the raspberry’s deterioration. The mint plants with the peppermint aroma keep the pests away and these culprits as well. Some other companion plants to grow with mint are Dahlias, Bell peppers, Cabbage and cauliflower, Tomatoes, Carrots, etc.

Raspberries saw to improve the growth of the mint plants and enhance their flavor. 

5. Clover

Clover is a great source of compost that adds nutrients to the soil. Plants when decomposed add a good amount of nitrogen to the soil. Clever can be good manure.

The clover plants add beauty to the spot as well. The plant brings many useful pollinators and insects near the raspberries that can feed on the pests. 

6. Lavender

The lavender and raspberries go well together. The lavender and raspberries add a blast of awesome fragrance to the garden. Some other companion plants to grow with lavender are Thyme, Brassicas, Celery, Roses, African daisies, etc.

Such aesthetic air will make you addicted to the garden. Lavender is known to attract many pollinators in the garden and increase the yield as well. Also, the deer and rabbits stay away from the garden when the lavender is there. 

7. Marigolds

Marigolds again keep the pests at bay and look good with the raspberries in the garden. Many harmful insects stay away and useful predators visit the garden.

Marigolds and raspberries also grow in the same condition as raspberry fertilizer will still be good with marigolds. 

8. Nasturtium

The nasturtiums and raspberries are plants that complement each other’s colors. The nasturtium also keeps the pests away from the raspberries. 

9. Yarrow

The unwanted bugs and pests that can infect and destroy the raspberries don’t come near the plant in the presence of the yarrow plants.

Many useful pollinators are attracted near the plants. The aesthetic vibes are what we get when we plant the yarrow and raspberries together. 

10. Oats

The oats when grown near the raspberries keep the weed trouble away from the raspberry plants. The fertility and quality of the soil are also improved with the oats, especially the spring oats. 

11. Buckwheat 

Buckwheat is a great cover crop for many plants and raspberries are one of them. The buckwheat brings many pollinators to the garden and also adds fertility to the soil. 

12. Chamomile

Chamomile has a beautiful mesmerizing fragrance and when planted with raspberries the fragrance reaches the height of aestheticism.

The chamomile brings many pollinators to the garden and also deters deer and rabbits away from the fruit plants.

13. Rue

Rue helps in deterring the aphids, slugs, and snails away from the garden. The plant attracts many pollinators near the raspberries and helps in pollination. 

14. Turnip

Turnip is particularly known to help protect raspberry plants from harlequin beetles. Other turnips and raspberries grow in similar soil conditions and temperatures. Aphids also stay away from raspberries in the presence of turnips. 

15. Chervil

Chervil keeps the snails, and slugs away from the raspberry plants. Other than this, they can provide a good amount of shade as well. 

Bad companions of raspberries in companion planting 

1. Tomatoes

Tomatoes, if grown near the raspberries, can bring diseases like blight, and verticillium wilt upon the raspberry plants, and that’s harsh for them. So it’s not a good idea to plant tomatoes near the raspberries. But there are some companion plants to grow with tomatoes like Banana legs, Backa, Amber colored, Ace, Dwarf purple heart, etc.

2. Pepper

Pepper near the raspberry plants can cause fungal infections and also verticillium wilt to the raspberry plants. Pepper plants can make the raspberry plants weak and more susceptible to death. 

3. Potatoes 

Potatoes if grown near the raspberry plants again can cause many fungal infections and blight, verticillium wilt. 

4. Eggplants 

Eggplant such as black beauty eggplant growing next to raspberries can be a house of infections for the raspberry plants. 

5. Strawberries

Strawberries are seen to compete with raspberries in the same plot and also cause some infections in raspberry plants. 

Can I plant raspberries next to fruit trees? 

Raspberries grow like bushes and are very vigorous in growing and extending. They very quickly take over the fruit trees and can lead to suffocation and even overcrowding.

The soil condition is not suitable to grow both raspberries and fruit trees together. It is beneficial if you plant raspberries far away from the fruit trees. 

Summing up the content

The raspberries will grow healthily with few plants when grown with them and you now know what they are and which plants you should keep away from the raspberries. You also have seen that many flowers when grown near the raspberries increase pollination as they attract many pollinators near to it. The nightshade plants are a complete no-no for Raspberries Companion planting. We hope you find this article useful and get most of your questions answered.

Happy planting! 

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