Sunburnt Aloe Vera Plant Symptoms (& How to revive it?)

Aloe vera is an amazing succulent that is a favorite one to be grown by farmers. They are grown outside the house in the garden. They need less care to grow at their best. But sometimes what happens with these plants is that they get sunburned. But how? All the factors related to that will be explained in this article. Do you know the Sunburnt Aloe Vera plant symptoms?

Quick takeaways:

  • They are one of the common plants that have numerous benefits. Sometimes these plants suffer from sunburn.
  • It means that they become overcooked due to the sunlight or other reasons.
  • As you know sunlight is important to give to each plant. But when it happens in excess then some plants in your yard get harmed as they do not like to be exposed to a lot of sunlight. 
  • Providing them with sunlight doesn’t suit the aloe vera plants as they will begin to turn their leaves brown and wilt which is not a good sign.
  • It will become a problem for the farmers to get rid of those sunburned leaves.
  • Aloe vera plants tend to grow in low sunlight.

So, let’s begin this guide so that you come to know more about the symptoms of sunburnt aloe vera plants so that you find ways to revive your plant. 

Sunburnt Aloe Vera Plant Symptoms (& How to revive it?)

What is Aloe vera? 

Aloe vera is a medicinal plant that is also called Aloe Barbadensis. It is used for a long time by various people. It has small stems which consist of water in the leaves. You can even cure your skin with the help of Aloe vera.

Aloe vera is very beneficial and you will come to know below. It has healing properties that help every individual.  

Benefits of Aloe vera plants
1. It helps in lowering the blood pressure of an individual.
2. It would help you in healing your wounds.
3. It will help you prevent skin aging.
4. It can fight against tumors.
5. It can help in treating constipation.
6. It has various digestive benefits. 

Sunburnt Aloe Vera Plant Symptoms 

Aloe vera plants get sunburnt due to various reasons and you need to figure out those factors so that you cure your plant and get its benefits. So, let’s move forward to know about the symptoms of the sunburnt aloe vera plant: 

1. Pale patches on the aloe vera

One of the symptoms of sunburnt aloe vera plants is that the leaves get patches on them. The pale patches show that the plant is weakening its chlorophyll because the sunlight is feeding in excess to those plants. It tends to degrade the tissue and also the pigmentation in the leaves. 

2. Hanging and sagging are other symptoms

The aloe vera plant tends to droop and hang if it doesn’t get enough water or is underwatered and over sunlight.

Sunlight will start to exhaust the plant because of more transpiration. It will become sag and hang. 

3. Observe the Curling leaves 

If you find any leaves curly in the whole plant, then you should understand that the plant is getting hurt by the excess sunlight. Plants become dehydrated and cause curly leaves within which is not at all a good sign. 

4. The pests Problem could be a sign

Sunburnt aloe vera plants can be affected by insects and pests. They can be mealybugs, mites, and others. They can suck the liquid from the plant and make it weak. 

5. What about Potting Soil? 

As you know aloe vera plants tend to grow in poor soil, but sometimes they don’t get it so, they do not grow well and with the excess sunlight, they tend to get sunburnt which depicts the wrong sign for the plant. 

6. Dry soil issues 

If you observe the dry soil of your aloe vera plants, then you need to come to know that the plant is not getting enough water and receiving sunlight which is hurting the plant.

What is the fun of planting the plant if you are letting it become spoiled? The soil becomes drier if it receives sunlight as there is no moisture level in the soil which makes it weaken. 

7. Brown leaf tips

Have you ever faced brown leaf tips on your aloe vera plants? If this is, then you should know that they are the reason behind your sunburnt aloe vera plant.

Due to an excessive supply of sunlight, they tend to lose their color and turn into brown color. It shows that the plant is going through sunburn. 

How to Revive Sunburnt Aloe Vera Plant?

There will be some ways that can help you in fixing the sunburnt aloe vera plant. So, let’s begin to know about the ways that can revive your plant: 

1. Water the aloe vera plant properly

Sometimes excessive sunlight disturbs the plant but you need to provide them with water so that they do not lose moisture.

It is so sunburnt plant depicts that the plant is facing water issues too. Provide them water in the roots so that they grow well and do not get tanned due to excess sunlight. 

2. Make sure you add fresh soil

If nothing is working for the revival of your sunburnt plant, then it is time to add some fresh soil to your aloe vera plant pot.

It is so that the new soil will give nutrients to your plant and it will cure the existing soil too. Make sure you do this way as it is effective. 

3. You can change their location

Changing the location of your aloe vera is the best way to receive your aloe vera plant. Yes, you can indeed relocate your plant so that it doesn’t get hurt by the excess sunlight.

Just place them in a position where they will receive 6 hours of sunlight and not more than that. In the summertime, it is suggested not to put them in the sunlight for long. 

4. Trim the sunburnt leaves

Last, but not the least, you need to cut down the sunburnt leaves from your aloe vera plant. If not, all the leaves will face sunburn, so if you cut the sunburnt ones then there are chances that you can revive your plant easily. The plant will be improved when you trim its sunburned or tanned leaves. 

Concluding lines

In this guide, you come to know that providing aloe vera plants over sunlight doesn’t suit the aloe vera plants as they will begin to turn their leaves brown and wilt which is not a good sign. It will become a problem for the farmers to get rid of those sunburned leaves. Otherwise, the whole plant will be spoiled. Aloe vera plants tend to grow in low sunlight. I hope this guide will help you. 


1. Why does my aloe have brown spots on its leaves?

When you notice brown spots on the leaves of your aloe vera plants, it shows that the plant is being overwatered or suffering from pest infestations. It is not a good sign as it is harmful to plants.

2. Should I let my aloe vera grow in the Sun?

No, you should avoid letting your aloe vera grow in the sun as sometimes it becomes excess which spoils the plant. 

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