What plants keep bees & Wasps away? 

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What plants keep bees & wasps away? In this article you can know the best plants that repel Bees, are easy to grow, and have Multiple Benefits. Ever wondered what plants keep bees & Wasps away? If yes, then you are at the right place. In my gardening field, I used to face if there are any plants keep bees & Wasps away. Bees are good pollinators and important to the ecosystem, they simply love the plants, especially those having beautiful vibrant colored flowers.

It is really hard to keep them away from what they love. We should never kill bees but surely can repel them from our garden so that we can fearlessly take a long walk, and spend time with our plants that on the contrary gets short due to bees and wasps. There are various plants keep bees & Wasps away such as mint, pitcher plants, geraniums, wormwood, basil, and many more explained below.

If you are looking for Garden plants and potted plants keep bees & wasps away then there is a lot of helpful content for you in this article. So, we will let you know all the plants and other useful related ways that will repel away from the bees. Here we go!

What plants keep bees & wasps away

What plants keep bees & wasps away?

Bees are either attracted to bright colors or scents. They don’t like very strong Oil scents like lavender, olive, lemon, and citronella. 

Now till this time, you guys must be thundering with a lot of questions in your head like what plants keep bees and wasps away, what plants keep bees & wasps away, Are there any perennial flowers that don’t attract bees, plants that repel bees and mosquitoes, what plants keep wasps away, etc Below we are starting with the plants that do exactly the same.

12 plants that repel bees & Wasps effectively

1. Basil:

  • The strong scent that bees usually don’t like, awesome pest and insect repellent.
  • Plant basil in a good sunny spot, they need at least 5-6 hours of sun in 24 hours.
  • Soil: moist, well-drained 
  • Can be used in delicious dishes, and this herb goes best with tomato puree.

2. Mint:

  • Very easy to grow, even when you cut leaves, new leaves grow from the same stem, same goes with cutting the stem
  • Can survive well in shade
  • Bees hate its scent and don’t dare to come where they are 
  • Mint is considered to be a great mosquito repellant too
  • Can be placed indoors and outdoors too, make sure they don’t get too much sunlight.

3. Cucumber:

  • Cucumbers go great with salads and also in repelling bees, pests, and insects.
  • If you have a vegetable garden, they are a great choice to plant near tomatoes.
  • Need a good amount of heat, and moisture, for growing well.
  • The cucumber’s peel has an acidic medium which bees and wasps don’t like.

4. Marigold:

  • Marigold Flowers are bright and beautiful but bees hate them. Yay! 
  • Edible flowers are easily available, and easy to grow.
  • Again a great companion with tomatoes, many other vegetables, and herbs.
  • An overpowering scent that bees and wasps might don’t want to feel.
  • Do and looks extremely well in summer, also are hardy plants, chose red and orange flowering marigolds.

5. Pitcher plant:

  • Pitcher plants are carnivores and instead of repelling they feed on pests, and insects, which is cruel. Bees are helpful to nature and the human population in so many ways, especially by spreading pollen.
  • Their inner surface has powerful enzymes that digest the insects.
  • The mineral water is not suitable for their growth, they want pure rainwater, heat, and sunlight tolerant.
  • They help in pest control. You can choose colors that bees don’t like.

6. Eucalyptus:

  • Bees and wasps are repelled by the plant eucalyptus and don’t enter the area they are, in due to its aroma.
  • The plant can bear the dry soil conditions, easy to grow, and repel mites too.
  • They grow well if potted in containers and look beautiful as well.
  • Eucalyptus essential oil is highly beneficial.

7. Geraniums:

  • We are talking of red geraniums here, bees are color-blind to some colors, and red is one of them. The red geranium automatically repels bees and wasps.
  • The aroma of geraniums is also responsible for deterring bees. They have pollen as well.
  • Need 5-6 hours of sunlight, need to move while frosting.
  • Geraniums need watering every day.

8. Citronella:

  • The extensive smell of citronella doesn’t let the bees and wasps enter the garden or near it.
  • They are also great mosquito repellent and are not indoor or outdoor plants.
  • They can survive in sunlight well for six hours, moist soil is what they demand.

9. Wormwood:

  • Absinthe and its attractiveness are what make wormwood special. The absinthe chemical is what insects fear, as it is toxic.
  • Direct sunlight is needed, and also has a sharp smell that repels wasps and bees.
  • The plants do have cons on other plants that are near to it, causing death.
  • Grows well in zone 4 to 8, dried leaves can also be used by hanging on the home doors for bees repellent, another name for wormwood is Artemisia.

10. Pennyroyal:

  • A great option for a small plant having a height of 6-12 inches, that still will repel bees and wasps and have a scent like mint.
  • They repel mosquitoes as well, it is better to plant them in containers so that you can move them inside as well.
  • They need a good amount of water, so it is better to water them regularly. 
  • Soil should be well-drained, sunlight should be properly given, and needs zone 6-9 to grow well. 

How to not attract bees & Wasps into your garden?

If you want to keep the bees away from the garden, some useful tips will help you out. Avoid the colors that are too bright, too scented flowering plants, and sweet nectar flowers in the garden.

The colors blue, violet and blue should also be avoided, the weird-shaped flowers like trumpet-shaped keep the bees away. Thorny plants, and throwing cloves in the garden also repel bees and wasps.

Final thoughts on the context

Though it is not completely possible to repel whole of the bees from your garden, as the scent of the plants described above can spread up to distinct vicinity, killing bees is not a good way, but yeah having the plants in the garden which genuinely keep bees away can keep you safe from bees attack, help you and your garden in so many ways.


1. What repels bees & Wasps instantly?

Mint, cloves, citronella, and pennyroyal are some plants that cause instant effect in repelling the bees.

2. Does lavender keep bees away?

Lavender flowers are violet in color, which bees certainly admire. Bees love the smell of lavender. The oil extracted from lavender is seen to repel bees.

3. How do you get rid of bees & Wasps sitting outside?

The bees like sweet substances, you can place a bowl of maple syrup or fruit juice outside away from you, and they might like to go there and then come near you. Planting the plants or sitting near the plants that usually repel bees can also be beneficial. 

4. Do bees like coffee grounds?

Bees are seen to munch on coffee grounds when they are too hungry and do have not much food around them. 

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