What to plant in May in Texas? Plants and vegetables to plant in Texas in May!

What to plant in May in Texas? Plants and vegetables to plant in Texas in May!

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What to plant in May in Texas?

What to plant in May in Texas? Can’t make the right decision about what to plant this may month in texas? By the right decision, we understand you are looking for the best plants according to season and that’s an undoubtedly smart thing to do. Anyhow! We are here to help you out! In this article, you can “What to plant in May in Texas?”. You can also know which and how to plant vegetables and Plants to plant in Texas in May!

It gets overwhelming deciding what to plant in may in Texas? specifically, if you are not a botanist and don’t know what plants will favor a season.

What to plant in May in Texas? Plants and vegetables to plant in Texas in May!

Key takeaways:

  • In the US, the month of May sees the season of spring. So you can look at the varieties of spring and summer plants to plant this month whether they are vegetables, herbs, ornamentals, fruits, or flowering ones.
  • It might already be a wonderful time to grow spring plants full of colors that would take the place of winter plants.
  • This many shady plants are also suitable to plant at beginning of May.
  • The plants to plant in May in Texas are Watermelon, Eggplant, pumpkin, Morning Glory, portulaca, marigold, cosmos, salvia, summer favoring phlox, etc.

What plants to plant in May in Texas?

From vegetables, herbs, fruits, shaded, sunny, ornamental, and flowering plants, we will let you know all the plant options that you can go for planting this May in Texas.

Vegetables to Plant in May in Texas 

snap beans, lima beans, Cantaloupe, Sweet corn, Tomato, Watermelon, Eggplant, pumpkin, Okra, Beets, New Zealand spinach, Sweet potatoes

Flowers to grow in May in Texas

Sunflowers, Zinnia, Morning Glory, portulaca, marigold, cosmos, ornamental gourds, periwinkles, cannas, dahlias, and flowering bulbs that bloom in summer can also be grown. 

Sun-loving plants to grow in May in Texas

Daisies, coreopsis, mallows, salvia, summer favoring phlox, Farfugium, toad lily, ferns

Shade spots growing plants 

New guinea impatiens, coleus, salvia, begonia, caladiums. 

Fragrant option: flowering tobacco 

Ornamental plants to plant in May in Texas

Zinnia, Penta, cosmos, portulaca, sunflower, gomphrena, periwinkle, some succulents, Salvia coccinea. Caladiums, ginger, crinum lilies, Mexican feather grass.

Herbs to plant in May in Texas 

Fennel, Mexican mint marigold, lemongrass, bay laurel, peppermint, rosemary, basil, thyme, catnip, comfrey, oregano, and lemon balm.

After deciding, What to plant in May in Texas? A few Care tips for May garden

  • You must replant them in a container slightly bigger in size than the earlier one. Adding a layer of mulch and granite will help them grow better without the problem of weeds, keeping the soil moist.
  • After the spring’s blooming plants are done flowering, make sure to prune the tips, cutting off the stems so that the growth and diseases stay controlled and more flowers appear later.
  • Remove the old leaves from the plants. Pinching the blooms will enhance the growth of flowers and branching. 
  • Apply fungicides and spray the insecticides when needed. Deadheading flowering plants are also beneficial. 
  • Fill in the spaces that are left after cleaning the old dead plants of winter with spring-loving plants. Watering the plants is equally important as giving water 2-3 times a week is sufficient. 
  • Warm conditions and moisture favor the development of many insects, and caterpillars, which should be controlled before they eat plants.

Using fertilizers with nitrogen for these plants like tomatoes, peppers, fruits, bougainvillea, etc., and dividing the succulents between May show great results. Fertilizer when required or every few weeks while they are growing. 

Tips for healthy May plants 

  • Aphids are seen attacking many plants grown in may, causing a fungus to appear on the leaves. It is better to remove the leaves from the plant to save it.
  • Many stink bugs lay eggs under the leaves, make sure to wash them off with spray or pick them manually.
  • The lace bugs are usually seen on many plants. The leaves get damaged as they reside beneath the surface leaves. 

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Wrapping up the Context:

We hope at this part of the article, you would have got a clear idea of what plants you will be growing this month in Texas. The sun-loving will love the sun exposure and sunny spot in your garden while the shady plants will love partial to full shade and can be placed indoors near the window. Many veggies and fruits are also there to grow in your yards. Just buckle up! And get going with planting the seeds before the May time comes. Buy healthy varieties from the nursery and happy gardening! 


Is it too late for planting?

Early May is considered to be a good time for planting many plants whether they are fruits, flowers, or vegetables. We would say no! You are not too late! April may bring a lot of planting opportunities for planters. 

What can I plant in pots in May?

You can plant the seed into the soil in the container, and many spring-blooming flowering and ornamental plants can be planted in pots like daffodils, hyacinth, Saxifraga, sage, etc. 

What grows well in Texas?

You can add a lot of plant varieties in May. The Texas sod favors plants like carrots, cauliflower, apples, citrus fruits, etc.

Can I plant wildflower seeds in May?

The initial two or two and a half weeks are suitable for planting the wildflower seeds. After this, you will get a chance from August to October.  

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