What’s the Best Soil for Birds of Paradise Plants? (Tested Review)

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What’s the Best Soil for Birds of Paradise Plants? Natives of South Africa’s coastal areas, Birds of paradise(scientifically called strelitzia spp. ) are beautiful plants that have unique-looking flowers and the plants are low-growing. They need a good amount of sunlight and heat to yield blooms that are visible throughout the season once they mature.

The birds of paradise need to be given proper soil mix to get good flower production and plant health. The soil that favors the growth of birds if paradise is more like a loamy and well-drained type. The soil should have an acidic to neutral pH in the range of 6-7.5 to keep it healthy and thriving.

It is important for all plants that soil needs to be fertile as the nutrients are the basic components for survival after water and sunlight. It is also suggested to use organic fertilizer or compost in the soil during the growing phase of the plant.

“Don’t judge each day by the harvest you reap but by the seeds that you plant.”

– By Robert Louis Stevenson

What’s the best soil for birds of paradise plants?

The soil that has good drainage ability but not too much sand which will not let the water retention in the soil is good for a bird of paradise.

The soil should be fertile and hygienic which dont infect the roots. Loam soil has such characteristics with moderate drainage. The soil dont become soggy and is also not too dry.

Why loamy soil is good for the bird of paradise?

Though there are other options kike clayey soil, silty soil, and sandy soil why choose loamy soil for the bird of paradise?

The sandy soils have high drainage than other soils. This soil has high aeration and big pores between the soil particles making it more difficult to store nutrients and water than other soils.

The clayey soil has high water retention and the same goes for nutrients. This soil has poor drainage than other soils.

Loamy soils have properties of some sandy and some clayey soil in a balanced manner. You can also improve the texture of the soil by adding some other components into the soil like coco noir, peat moss, compost, perlite, shredded bark, sand, vermiculite, rocks, etc. 

What soil ph do birds of paradise need?

What's the Best Soil for Birds of Paradise Plants? (Tested Review)

Bird of paradise plants grows well in soil that has a pH of slightly acidic or neutral. The ph range that the bird of paradise favors is 5.5 to 7.

This range dont affect the bird of paradise in a bad way and also keeps them happy to bloom beautiful plants.

What fertilizer does the bird of paradise need? 

The fertilizer in the soil will help the bird of paradise to get the needed nutrients and grow healthily. You can add organic fertilizer in the proportion of 1:1:1 like using manure, or controlled-release fertilizer which even the university of Florida recommends too. The plant must be given liquid fertilization in the initial growing phase. 

What should be the pot size for the bird of paradise?

The bird of paradise can be planted or placed indoors which adds such beauty to the spot. The pot size should be accurate not too big for the plant and not too small.

The 14 inches pot is considered to be good for planting the bird of paradise. 

Additions for potting soil 

1. Peat moss 

Peat moss is made from mosses and other living organic material getting decomposed in anaerobic spots like peat bogs.

It is dark brownish fibrous stuff and has high acidity. It provides aeration in the soil, with some nutrients. 

2. Compost 

Compost is a component that gives a boost to soil fertility. You can prepare the compost at home as well with plant parts, leaves, food scraps, and sawdust.

Compost has good water retention too if added to soil to sandy soil enhances the water hold. 

3. Limestone

These are the rock that is available on earth having a composition of calcium carbonate and magnesium. It is commonly composed of shells, and decomposed debris. 

4. Perlite and vermiculite 

Perlite adds porosity to the soil and is made from volcanic rocks. Vermiculite is another component that can be added to the soil for porosity, water retention, and the adding calcium, and magnesium into the soil. 

“Trees are my favorite because they accept their circumstances with greater composure than most other living things.”

– By Willa Cather

5. Sand

Sand has a high draining ability and large aeration than the other soil types. 

6. Coconut coir 

It involves the coconut husk that improves the drainage of potting mix. It also improves the aeration of the soil. It also adds nutrients to the soil. 


  1. Add coconut coir or peat moss, one part of perlite, two tablespoons of limestone, compost, and two cups of sand into the soil.
  2. Mix the ingredients properly and uniformly.
  3. Adding water to the potting soil mix will make the blending process easier.
  4. You can use a bucket to mix the ingredients.
  5. Use the potting mix into the pot or the ground where the bird of paradise is planted. 

Soil mixes available in the market 

Soil sunrise bird of paradise potting soil 

1. The Noot mix potting soil 

2. FoxFarm ocean forest potting soil mix 

What's the Best Soil for Birds of Paradise Plants? (Tested Review)

3. Burpee organic premium potting mix 

Wrapping up the context 

We hope you have got an idea of what soil type you will be used for birds of paradise plants. The plants need good fertile soil with a medium level of drainage. The soil should be moist and mulching has always proven to be beneficial for the bird of paradise plants. Follow the steps above and sleep the points in mind while planting the bird of paradise and using soil for it. Happy planting! 


1. Is Miracle-Gro good for birds of paradise? 

The answer is yes! You can use this water-soluble fertilizer for 14 days every month. The wintertime makes these plants go to rest and you need to fertilize less during this time. 

2. Do birds of paradise like clay pots? 

Bird of paradise is the plant that prefers a mix of clay in the loam soil so clay pots still can do well with the plants but make sure the pot should be 10-14 inches depending upon the height of the plant. 

Becky Decker

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