When to pick Banana peppers? – How to Grow and Care for Banana peppers?

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Banana peppers are also popular by their other name, yellow wax peppers. They tend to grow in the full sun for their growth and will give you results for a long time. There are various types of banana peppers. They come in different flavors such as sweet, hot, etc. You can easily grow the delicious banana peppers in your yard and get their benefits. It can be a great addition to your garden collection. Do you know when to pick banana peppers?  

Banana peppers are pest-free and can be picked when they attain their mature size which will be discussed below in this article. If you pick them at the wrong time then they will taste bitter. So, in this guide, you will come to know more about banana peppers. It is even one of the famous pepper varieties that need to be there in every gardener’s area. They are crunchy and even can be used in the kitchen. You can make pickles which will taste fantastic. 

Let’s proceed to understand its process of growing and maintaining so that they give you long-lasting results. 

What are Banana peppers? 

Banana peppers are also known by other names such as banana chilis, yellow wax pepper, etc. It is a small or medium-sized part of the pepper family. It has an amazing mild and spicy taste that will make you happy.

They will add a savory flavor to your meal. They can change in various shades such as green, orange, red, etc. They can be used as a pickle or even a raw item for food items.  

When to pick Banana peppers?

As you come to know about the princess of growing banana peppers in your garden, it is great but it is the initial step. Do you know when you should pick them up? It is a tricky thing to do as picking them at the wrong time will be of no use. They need to be picked by anyone when they get fully ripe. 

It is suggested to pick the banana peppers when they gain a yellow color with a mature size of 4-5 inches long as that is the best time for the plant to be picked. Picking them properly at the right time will give fruitful results and you will see a tangy and mild taste of the peppers. Otherwise, picking them at the wrong time will let the peppers change their color from yellow to orange and then orange to red. 

For those, who are planning to save the seeds for the next year so that they can grow them another time, they need to let their banana peppers get fully ripened.

This will happen when they gain a deep red color. They can be used in the next growing season. You can eat the peppers anytime after they get matured. 

How can you grow banana peppers?

Folks, who want to grow banana peppers in your garden area, then you can easily do so, it just needs your efforts and potential. Follow the below steps to grow your banana peppers: 

Step 1- Firstly, you have to put the soil in any container in which you want to grow your plant. 

Step 2- Then, add water and mix it. 

Step 3- Put down the seeds in the soil and tap them smoothly. 

Step 4- You have to dig a hole of about ¼’’ deep for each seedling.

Step 5- Then, put 1-2 seeds in every hole. 

Step 6- After that, you have to cover them with the soil and by spraying the water, let them moist. 

Step 7- As we know, plants need some things like oxygen, water, and sunlight for their growth, so, provide them this by placing them in a warm area

How to care for banana peppers? 

Caring for your plant is important if you want the results faster. So, below are the caring tips that will help you in maintaining your banana peppers

1. Sunlight needs 

Place your banana peppers in an area where they receive plenty of sunlight for their growth. They tend to receive at least 7-8 hours of sunlight in a day to give you amazing results. 

2. Soil needs 

You can use organic matter and manure in your soil for your banana pepper’s growth. Some people love to grow plants in pots, so they are recommended to use a potting mix of good quality. They will grow in well-drained soil. 

3. Fertilizer requirements 

You can fertilize your pepper plant two times a month which will enhance its growth of the plant. You can feed them organic vegetable fertilizer. 

4. Water needs 

The banana pepper plant needs regular water for its expansion like any other plant. You have to keep the soil moist all along in its growing season. Make sure not to overwater your plant as the plant is sensitive. 

5. Mulching

You can do mulching on your banana pepper plants as it will control the weed. You can use organic matter as it will remain moist. 

Enveloping the context 

Last but not least, planting savory banana peppers in your garden is a great decision. You can grow them with the help of this guide and care for them properly. Banana peppers are also popular by their other name, yellow wax peppers. They come in different flavors such as sweet, hot, etc. You can easily grow the delicious banana peppers in your yard and get their benefits. So what are you waiting for? Move ahead and plant your banana pepper plant in your home garden. 


1. How do you know when banana peppers are ready to harvest?

You can harvest your banana peppers when they attain their mature size. They can be picked from the plant when they are yellow and wait so that they change their color into an orange or deep red. 

2. How tall should the banana pepper plant be?

It will attain a height of about 2-3 feet and it is even depending on the variety you are growing in your garden. 

3. How many banana peppers will one plant produce?

One banana pepper plant will give you pods lying between 25-50 pods. 


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