Why and how to start growing chili peppers from cuttings? (Propagate Pepper Plants)

Why and how to start growing chili peppers from cuttings? (Propagate Pepper Plants)

Why and how to start growing chili peppers from cuttings? Are you also inquisitive about growing your plants from cuttings? Here we provide some tips for growing chili peppers from cuttings. Chili pepper plants can be grown in any season but the condition is that they shouldn’t be kept in a cold place so if you want to grow chili in winter as well you need to keep plants inside as chili peppers couldn’t survive in cold weather and when you get a chance you have to keep it in sunlight for better results as chili peppers love sunlight.

Quick takeaways:

  • Chili pepper plants can be grown in any season but the condition is that they shouldn’t be kept in a cold place.
  • Some steps involve to propagate pepper plants are Cutting the plant part perfectly, Remove what needs to be removed, Awareness is important, Using a razor to cut, and Chop the leaves that are large, etc which have been explained in detail below

Why and how to start growing Chili peppers from cuttings?

As it takes a long (a few weeks) to grow a chili pepper plant from seeds and after that, you have to wait as they grow slowly to get in the form of growing chilies from cuttings you can save time and you can grow more chilies as you have grown plants by your side and it takes only a few days to grow leaves and roots on cuttings by the technique mentioned below and this procedure will help you grow so many chili pepper plants in a very short period.

Why should you grow chili peppers from cuttings?

Growing from cuttings is like cloning which is called propagation of plants that is done by fragmentation and regeneration of particular vegetative parts of plants and the cuttings you have is like 97% similar to the plant from which it has been taken and you have better results in such a short period but keeping in mind that you need to take the branches from the healthy plant then only the cuttings will grow similarly.

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How do propagate chili peppers from cuttings? 

All you need is a sharp knife, razor, and a healthy mother pepper plant, and yes of course a container too (transparent) if possible

Let’s begin!

Cutting the plant part perfectly 

Cut a few branches of the chili plant and cut a node (a point of attachment of a leaf), then cut the leaf and other branches on it as it will assist the branch to get roots grown fast as the energy will directly shift towards roots. 

Remove what needs to be removed 

So remove all flower buds, chilies, and foliage on it but you can keep 3-4 foliage (leaves) if you want to and keep it side and with all of the branches you took.

Awareness is important 

You need to keep an eye so that you will be aware of the growth and if growth is not happening then you have to see other branches as every branch will not give the same result

Use a razor to cut 

Using a razor cut the nodes diagonally so that the water can pass easily unless the roots start growing. 

Use clean water to dip 

Dip it into a clean water container in sunlight and change the water every week till you see the roots growing and if you notice the leaves are getting droopy.

Chop the leaves that are large 

Cut the leaves which are in bigger sizes so that the roots will grow fast and when you find roots growing put them into a container filled with soil and let them grow.


When it will grow you can do the same thing to grow plants as many as you want and this will take approx. 3-4 weeks to get roots to grow as I have experienced.


After 6-8 weeks you can plant it in a container full of soil technically, you can even plant it in soil anytime or even directly though it needs much care and it is too difficult to handle as it needs a proper balance of moisture, air, humidity and which is difficult to do inside the soil and hence the roots will grow is not always obvious so the method mentioned above is the easiest way to do this as you can see the growth every day.

Is there any alternate way to grow chili peppers? 

Potassium is one of the nutrients that is suggested for good root growth, and it is a good thing for rooting a cutting you can put a banana in soil which promotes decomposition or you can fix the cuttings on a banana (i.e. a compost pile), which many people use to fertilize plants

Pros and Cons of Cloning 

Cloning is a pretty reliable practice though it can replicate unexpected peculiarity as well it can keep away pests and diseases that affect Pepper Plants.

Keep an eye on your pepper plants regularly as pests like aphids, ants, and spiders can damage your plants, and common diseases like mildew and rotting can also happen so regularly check your plants so that you can save them from those


Chili peppers are pretty easy to grow and don’t need lots of care and are not vulnerable to disease.


Peppers need lots of sunlight and you have to water them on a regular basis it needs warm climatic conditions to grow well.

Root Chili Pepper Cuttings in Water:

The following are the steps by which you can root  Chili Pepper Cuttings in Water:

  • You need to cut the branches with the help of scissors and I will suggest you take more than one cutting as not every cutting is successful for growing roots.
  • After that, you need to cut a node so that roots grow from it.
  • You need to remove the branch from every side of the pepper cutting and cut all the flowers and buds on the cuttings.
  • Now you need to cut the slice of the bottom of the chili pepper cutting using sharp scissors at a right angle. Cutting it increases the surface area of the plants so that the plant takes up water more.
  • Make sure to go slow sawing motion so that you can make a safe cut to the branch.
  • One more step you can add is to scrape the sides of the cotton for about  1/2 to 1 inch which will help in promoting the growth of the cutting. At the end, you can also use rooting hormone at the end of the bottom of the cutting for about 1/2 to 1 inch.
  • You can now put the cutting in 1 to 1 1/2 of water but that needs to be done in a clean container and need to get direct sunlight.
  • Make sure to replace the water with fresh water after every few days until you observe new roots growing from it.
  • After growing the roots it’s the right time to transplant the container with potting mix and water.

Some tools requirements you need for rooting chili pepper:

  • sharp scissors
  • alcohol wipes (for sterilizing your scissors and/or razor blade)
  • a container for rooting your cuttings
  • a healthy, mature pepper plant
  • rooting hormone (optional)
  • razor blade (optional)

Final thoughts on the context

We hope you have understood the ways and all the needed information. We have tried to merge the best information that you should be regarding growing the chili peppers by cutting. Cloning, a popular way to create new plants in gardening, might have pros and cons. All are already included in this article. We hope you find this article useful. Happy cloning! Happy gardening!