Wrinkled Orchid Leaves – Causes & How to revive the plant?

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In this article, we will be discussing some of the reasons for the Wrinkled Orchid Leaves. Growing orchids would be great and especially in the home garden. But what matters is their maintenance which people forget to do. Orchids are one of the famous houseplants. But whenever something is wrong with the orchid plant, it will show a clear signal. The simplest way to find the issue with the orchid leaves is to observe their wrinkled leaves. 

Quick takeaways:

  • Wrinkled orchid leaves are one of the worst things that happen to this plant as it is not a good sign.
  • Being a famous and beautiful plant, you have grown it with effort and hard work, so it is your responsibility to fix those leaves and revive the orchid plant so that you enjoy its benefits.
  • Orchids are a great addition to any garden area as it has various benefits and makes the garden attractive.

It depicts that the orchid is not healthy anymore. You need to find the causes of wrinkled orchid leaves like you come to know about the tomato leaves curling and then need to revive them. This will be explained in this guide so no worries. When the plant causes wrinkled leaves, like the snake plant then you need to think about where you are heading wrong because of less care or some other reasons. 

Let us begin this guide by knowing more about the wrinkled orchid leaves, their main causes, and also the ways with which the plant can be revived. Orchids can add so much value to your home garden only if you take care of them. So, let us move forward to know about it. 

What are the causes of wrinkled orchid leaves? 

Overwatering the plant 

The first and main reason for the wrinkled orchid leaves is the intake of excess water by the plant. As you know excess of everything is harmful, so why give excess water to the orchid plants? When you overwater the orchid plants, then it causes root rot like Monstera root rot and causes a deficiency of nutrients. So, it is a great cause of the wrinkled orchid leaves.  

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Underwatering your plant 

Just like overwatering of orchid plants, lack of water can also harm this plant as you know every plant needs water to grow at its best. You need to check the roots but if you don’t do that and do not feed them with water, then the leaves become wrinkled. It becomes dry because of a lack of water. Nutrients are needed by the plant so that they thrive but if you do not provide them then it turns the wrinkled leaves.

Damaged roots can be a great cause

Another bug cause of the wrinkled orchid leaves is because of the dampened roots of the orchid plant. It makes the plant wilt which makes them die after some time. What is the fun of growing a plant that you can not take care of just like the Sichuan Pepper plant? As you know, the roots of this plant are sensitive, and the roots get damaged when you transplant them or make them adjustable to the growing pattern.  

Orchid disease attacks play a great role

Orchids attract fungal infections and bacteria towards them which makes the plant weak. The roots of the plant get damaged by this action. This causes the leaves of the orchid plant to wrinkle as they are under stress and infected by the bacteria. 

Lack of nutrition

Another big cause of the wrinkled orchid leaves is the lack of nutrition. Plants too need nutrients so that they grow well. But lack of nutrients marks these plants to wrinkle their leaves which is not a good sign. It even loses its potential to shine. Nutrients come from the soil and fertilizers but if not provided with good material, then they won’t be able to maintain their leaves healthier.  

What about providing them with sunlight 

Sunlight is essential for all the plants so that they grow at their best and you get the desired results. But when they receive a lot of sunlight, then they begin to make their leaves fade and wrinkle. 

Root rot

Last but not least, another cause is wrinkled orchid leaves. Root rot will damage the plant and you will get nothing in return. 

How to Revive the Plant?

Now, you are aware of the causes of the wrinkled orchid plant, so, it is a good time to know about its fixing ways so that you could revive the plant and use it for your purpose. They are as follows: 

Feed them with adequate sunlight 

As you know sunlight is very important for plants to grow. As not proper sunlight or less sunlight can cause problems within the plant. So, provide them with indirect sunlight so that they grow well and do not cause any problems in the soil. Do not place them under direct sunlight.

You can change the location of the Orchid

Another revival way for your orchids is to transplant them into a new space. You can use a good potting mix that is only for the orchids and choose the right pot for your orchids. Phalaenopsis mix will be best as it has a ratio of 3:1:1. 

Make sure you do not Over-Fertilize the plant

Overfertilization is not good for any plant as it weakens the roots of the plants which turn their leaves yellow and wrinkled. You need to provide them with fertilizer with a pH of about 5.5.  

You can change the potting mix

Another way to fix them is to change their medium. Yes, you have to change its potting mix as it might be of poor quality which is why the leaves are turning wrinkled. Your issue will be solved by doing so in a proper way. You can make use of a Phalaenopsis mix. 

Water them sufficiently

Orchids turn their leaves wrinkled if they do not get adequate water as you know earlier. So, it is better for you if you water your orchids daily so that the orchids remain moist. You can check their water needs by putting a finger in the soil and if it’s dry, then it is time to water the plants. Give the water to the soil directly but do not overwater it. 

Is there any way to Fix Sunburned Orchid Leaves?

Yes, there is a way to fix the sunburned orchid leaves. Do you want to know how? If yes, then keep connected. As you know, keeping them in direct sunlight causes sunburn which lacks their color. But yes you can receive those sunburnt orchid leaves in the following steps: 

Step 1- you have to rinse off the leaves with cool water and even soap. 

Step 2- take vaseline or petroleum jelly and apply it to the affected place.

Step 3– then, put them in the sunlight but indirectly for a few hours in a day so that the plants get their color back.   


In this article, you come to know that Wrinkled orchid leaves are one of the worst things that happen to this plant as it is not a good sign. It depicts that the orchid is not healthy anymore. You need to find the causes of wrinkled orchid leaves and then need to revive them. This will be explained in this guide so no worries. When the plant causes wrinkled leaves, then you need to think about where are you heading wrongs as it is because of less care or some other reasons. Read the whole guide to know more about them. 


How do I know if my orchid is underwatered?

You can get to know if your orchid is underwatered by checking if the leaves are wrinkled. Wrinkled leaves show sign of underwatered orchids as the plant is not receiving the right amount of water. 

Why are my orchids turning yellow and dying?

Orchids tend to turn their leaves yellow and die due to various reasons. Some of them are the lack of water, overwater supply, nutrient deficiency, direct sunlight, and many more. 

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