5 Best Grow Room Glasses to protect your Eyes (Full Guide)

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In this article, the readers will be acknowledged for some of the best Grow Room Glasses to protect your Eyes. The human eyes need to be protected from exposure to too much light or light for a long time. The sunglasses are specialized for growing rooms. Gardening whether indoor or outdoor needs proper management and care by the gardener. House gardeners in many cases are not aware of the pros and cons of gardening. Cons!? Yes! You read it right.

The cons of gardening include staying outside in the light for a long time or in the grow tent roaming and checking on your plants, taking care of them- the harm that you get on your eyes. The human eyes need to be protected from exposure to too much light or light for a long time. The sunglasses are specialized for growing rooms and can be used to save your vision and keep your eyes from harmful UV rays.

The sunglasses should be of good quality having a shaded lens that would hinder the broad spectrum of light. Normal sunglasses are not the ones that can defend your eyes from growing light and strong sun rays. The grow light is perfect but not all would be worth it. Here are the ones that you should invest in.

What good growing glasses do you have?

  • The LED grow glasses are effective in reflecting complex LED lighting spectrums.
  • The lens should be of good quality. The frame should have good durability and last for a long time. The glasses should cover the eyes completely, letting direct light from the growing room fall on your eyes from any corner.

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  • The grow glasses should be able to block all the UV rays coming from the sun or particularly from LED grow light.
  • The frames should not be that tight or loose but of proper size so that you don’t have to adjust them every minute.
  • The color correction ability of the lenses should be chosen according to the color of the plants. A gardener should be able to see the color of plants properly even after wearing the grow glasses.

Best Grow Room Glasses to protect your Eyes

1. Method seven grow glasses

5 Best Grow Room Glasses to protect your Eyes (Full Guide)

The Method seven operator Blurple LED grow glasses are classic, oval-shaped having color shade black with a frame made up of polycarbonate. The operator sunglasses are specialized in color balancing and are highly optimized for LED light surroundings. The manufacturers are Carl Zeiss Vision and the curved lenses keep the rays completely away from the eyes. 

  • The sunglasses have almost 90-100% UV protection and the quality is premium.
  • The sunglasses are super comfortable and worth investing in.
  • These glasses have high durability and can be used in the big operation of high-intensity light of high watts.

2. Apollo horticulture UV400 LED grow glasses 

All kinds of rays are blocked by these glasses. These grow glasses are specialized for indoor hydroponics and have a green lens that blocks almost all types of light from MH, LED, and HPS ones. 

  • The grow glasses protect the eyes from infrared radiations and random reflections.
  • The harsh sunlight randomly falling over the eyes also can harm natural eye vision.
  • The eye frame is lightweight and comfortable to wear.
  • The budget-friendly option, indeed. 

3. Vivosun indoor Anti-UVA and Anti-UVB grow glasses

The Vivosun glasses are perfect for indoor hydroponics. Being from the company Vivosun which specializes in grow tents and grow lights, these grow glasses are of high quality and do every bit to reduce the strain on your eyes. The color of the glasses is blue and the lenses are made up of glasses.

  • They are lightweight, having a nine base and wrap-around lens giving the full coverage of about 180 degrees of zero distortion.
  • The lenses block UVA and UVB rays, perfect for alleviating glares.
  • The grow glasses can be used as sunglasses and for outdoor gardening too. 

4. iPower LED grow glasses for intense bright light 

These grow glasses are specialized for indoor gardening and are made up of polycarbonate material. The glasses block UVA and UVB rays, reduce eye strain and bring more clarity and comfort. 

  • The protection is about 180 degrees and the full coverage is there so that light dont enter the eyes directly.
  • The grow glasses can be used as sunglasses.
  • They are lightweight and durable enough. 
  • The top customer care is there and comes with a warranty.
  • The real colors of plants can be easily seen. 

5. Happy Hydro LED grow glasses

The grow glasses have green lenses for protection from LED lighting. The material is made of plastic and microfiber. The happy hydro grow glasses are great for commercial growers as well. The lens keeps the LED lights away. The glasses are also available with blue lenses that block HPS lights. 

  • The frame is lightweight, has full coverage, and is easy to wear for hours.
  • The lens is of premium, quality and asymmetric reducing eye strain. 
  • Proper care can increase the durability of the grow glasses.
  • These grow glasses are unisex and easily affordable

Wrapping up the context 

By now we hope you are aware of all the damage that is caused by the growing light and even the high-spectrum sunlight. The grow glasses are just not sunglasses but more than that. The lenses are specialized to work in high-intensity grow light and even in the commercial corners of agriculture. Add the grow glasses to your gardening method so that your eyes and vision stay safe from harmful rays. We hope this article was helpful to you and stay safe and happy gardening! 


1. Are room glasses necessary?

The grow room glasses are necessary if you spend a lot of time in the grow room. The grow room has grown light that can emit LED light which causes strain on the eyes and also affects the vision. The grow glasses are made with lightweight frames and lenses that block most of the harmful rays entering the eyes. 

2. Which glass is used for eye protection? 

The material that is used in the quality grow glasses is polycarbonate. Polycarbonate is very lightweight, even less than glass. The lenses are resistant to force and very comfortable for the eyes. 

3. How do you protect your eyes from LED lights?

The LED lights can be kept away from the eyes simply by using the glasses that are lenses’ ability to guard the eyes against the UV easily from both surfaces i.e: front and back ones. Other ways include wearing hats or dimming the grow light. 

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