Do Birds Eat Tomatoes? (& How to keep them away?)

Do Birds Eat Tomatoes? (& How to keep them away?)

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Do Birds Eat Tomatoes? Birds are often seen eating tomatoes, especially when they ripened properly. The tomatoes then have maximum juice, soft skin, and bright red color that no being can resist. The tomatoes get spoiled by the birds and you need to protect them from the birds. Birds like blue jays, mockingbirds, and sparrows love tomatoes and like feasting on them. Not just this, some birds like hummingbirds also like getting some nectar by pecking at the petals of tomato flowers, which gives you minimum fruits. 

Key takeaways:

  • It’s a common problem of getting tomatoes spoiled by the birds like blue jays, mockingbirds, and sparrow love, etc.
  • Some different ways to keep the birds away to eat tomatoes are Birdbaths, Planting the other favorites of birds, Bird netting, Bird feeders, scarecrows, Wind chimes, etc.

But how to save your tomatoes or even the tomato fewer from the attack of thirsty birds who are eating your food already? It is not only the birds from whom you need to protect your tomatoes other living organisms like groundhogs, squirrels, rabbits, and aphids also eat them. Here are the ways that are easy and still won’t harm the birds, as they are beautiful creatures of the world. 

Do Birds Eat Tomatoes? – How to keep the birds away from the tomatoes? 


The birds usually don’t feed on the unripened tomatoes, they prefer red tomatoes only because they are juicy. Birds feed on tomatoes when they are thirsty. You can use an alternative for the juicy tomatoes so that birds don’t stay thirsty as well and the tomatoes also stay safe. The bird bath is the right option. The bird bath gives the bird enough water to quench its thirst. When they get full they will fly away and your tomatoes will stay out of sight and safe from the birds. 

Planting the other favorites of birds 

Coneflowers, viburnum. etc plants can be planted in the garden, what’s special about these plants is that the birds love feasting on these plants. You can plant them in the garden. The birds will be attracted to these plants and the tomatoes will be least attacked. You should plant them away from the tomato plants otherwise the tomato plant will also be these birds’ food which you didn’t want. 

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Bird netting 

Bird netting is one of the best ways to avoid birds from eating tomatoes. You need to buy a bird net which is also not expensive and drape that over your tomato plants. The net needs to be placed gently making sure the fruits and the plant are not getting harmed. Another option is placing or wrapping the bird net over the cage, there are negligible chances that birds will eat them. The staked tomato plants can also be covered easily by using the bird net, without damaging the tomato plants. 


The cages are a great bird deterrent. The cage can be placed around the tomato plant, make sure the top is there and the plant will also get support from it. The cage can be made of wire, cement, or even collapsible square cages, or plastic net, the choice is all yours. 

Hanging Lights, CDs, DVD

The shiny materials can do a great job in repelling the bids away from that spot or area. The Christmas lights can be placed or hung in the garden or near the garden, which will scare the birds. Other than this, hanging the CDs, and DVDs with a thread or string will also keep the birds away during the daytime when the sunlight will be reflected greatly by the CDs. not only this at night the house light or bulb will also be a source of light to be reflected by the DVDs.

Bird feeders

The tomatoes are getting attacked only because the birds are hungry. Provide them food using the bird feeders where they can munch whenever they want and for any duration. The tomatoes will not be attacked then if the birds will get their favorite snack open, freely, and easily available to them. 


This method is used by most rural to urban farmers, gardeners, etc. The scarecrow is used to frighten the birds. The scarecrow is made by using twigs and hay and dried bushes. They are effective in deterring the birds as they look as if a human is there in the garden already and birds stay away from the garden. 


The tomato cloches are available in the market that you can buy and use to cover the plants. They are the covers that create a barrier between the pants and the attacker. The cloche also can be made by using a plastic bottle, placing them by cutting the bottom portion, and keeping the lid or cap on top. They also keep the plant warm and protect them from the cold weather. 

Wind chimes 

The wind chimes are weird but another cool way to get rid of birds from the tomato plants. You can hang the wind chimes near the tomato plants, the wind will influence the chime and noise will be produced that will keep the birds away. The noise can frighten the birds if there is something suspicious near them. 

Wrapping up the context

Don’t worry anymore about the birds eating the tomatoes because we have unleashed the secrets that will keep them far away from fruits and you will be able to move them from the garden to your kitchen. We hope this article was helpful to you. We are happy to help. Enjoy your tomatoes! 


How do you protect tomatoes from wildlife?

The motion lights are a great way to keep the birds away. The lights can be hung near the tomato plants which will scare the birds and will keep them away from munching those tomatoes. You can also use bird nets, cages, etc. 

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