Why do Strawberries rot on the vine? – How to Fix and Care for Rotting Strawberries?

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In this article, you can know about rotting strawberries and how to fix the rotting strawberries. What do you think about planting strawberries in your garden? It is one of the famous and favorite fruits of everyone it is easy to grow. Sounds amazing right? There is nothing better than having strawberries in your garden but what is worse happens too? It is that strawberries rotting on vines, why does it happen?

Strawberries are susceptible to a variety of illnesses caused by microorganisms and stressful events. Strawberries’ problems must be identified and diagnosed early before they grow too severe. Many strawberry illnesses can be avoided by growing disease-resistant types, separating plants properly, and using certain management procedures.

You will feel disappointed to see your berries go to the bad side. Strawberries tend to grow as a perennial in the US department of agriculture. It doesn’t ask for much care for developing juicy and delicious fruit. But the plants and the fruits can be destroyed by various factors. 

Let’s know more about the rotting strawberries in detail. 

What are the reasons for rotting Strawberries in the garden?

Why do Strawberries rot on the vine? - How to Fix and Care for Rotting Strawberries?

Gray mold- Botrytis is what it sounds like: gray, hairy mold growing on berries. It can start early, before the berries develop, causing the flowers and stems to turn brown and even die. As the berries form, they can mold and rot. Too much moisture can trigger botrytis. 

Leather rots–  If your berries turn brown in warm, humid weather, you may have leather rot. This is a fungal infection that causes spots and hardens the fruit. 

Anthracnose fruit rots– Another fungal infection that causes round indentations in the berries. It usually occurs in damp and humid environments. 

All of these infections are most likely to occur when strawberry plants are wet for extended periods. When rain splashes dirt on the berries, infectious pathogens can enter the berries. It also happens when you water your plants.

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How to care for the rotting Strawberries?

As we all know, strawberry plantations are perennial. They tend to grow in mild freezing climates. The best thing is that if you live in mild or cold areas, then it is easy for you all to take care of the strawberries. But it can get worse if the climate changes regularly as strawberries need a cold climate to grow. Let’s have a look at the points that can help in preventing and protecting from rotting strawberries:

  • Make sure that you cut down the foliage to 1 inch when the propagation season gets over. 
  • Compost the plants for around 4 inches deep with any organic material.
  • Try to add insulating manure in colder regions too.
  • You have to remove the manure in the early spring. 
  • Don’t worry about the soil moisture, natural precipitation will do so. 

How to prevent or fix the Strawberries from rotting? 

Are you also worried about rotting strawberries? Are you people also facing this problem? No worries! We are here with the prevention of controlling it, you can only control it if you won’t let it happen. 

The first thing you can do to get rid of this is to grow your strawberries with space within them. This can let the plants grow with a good airflow which will keep the plants from drying out when you water them. Ensure to plant the berries in an area where you see good drainage. 

A layer of straw mulch prevents splashes and acts as a barrier

If the weather is particularly wet when the plant is growing, cover the plant when it rains. You can also try anchoring the plant to the ground to keep the leaves and berries on the ground.

If your strawberries have rotted, pick the affected strawberries so the rest can grow without becoming infected. 

As a last resort, or if mold and rot continue to plague your plants, you can use a fungicide. After a year of decay, you may consider cleaning and treating the bed with a fungicide to prepare it for the coming year.

Wrapping up the context

In this article, you come to know about rotting strawberries and how to fix the rotting strawberries. You also come to know the reasons behind the rotting strawberries. Read this guide properly for a better understanding. I hope it will be helpful for you all. 

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