Florida Weave Trellis - 5+ Steps to tie Tomatoes using this method

Florida Weave Trellis – 5+ Steps to tie Tomatoes using this method

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Florida weave trellis is the best and most convenient way to provide support to plants that are prone to fall and get dirty with clay or sand. The plants are grown between the lengths of twine. It’s like tying the plants without using many stakes or any clips. Similarly, the tomato plants are gardeners’ favorite given that juicy tomatoes are everything a gardener can wish for. All are clean and not damaged by rodents, pests, aphids, or insects.

Key takeaways:

  • The tomato plants grow the stems begin to fall due to the fruits too. Then the need for trellising rises.
  • The plants should have reached the height of about 1-2 feet tall at least when trellising.
  • The determinate tomato plants are perfect to be trellised.
  • The plants don’t attain much more height than indeterminate ones.

For the tall plants, you need to modify and increase the height further by opening the weave and doing it again.

 What you will need for the Florida weave trellis? 

  • Stakes
  • Twines
  • Hammer
  • Scissors
  • Trowel
  • Tomato plant

How to set Florida to weave trellis? 

Select the stakes

Select the stakes that are sturdy and 6 feet tall, and can be easily placed in the ground as straight as possible. The wooden stakes are widely used, although there is no particularity you can use the metal or steel stakes. The thick bamboo sticks are the best option in stakes. The metal stakes can be used if the tomato plants get trellised the next growing season as well. The T-post’s wooden stakes are easy to use. The two plants should be kept between the stakes when you hammer the stake into the ground.

Fitting the stakes

You can place two plants as well or even a single plant between the two stakes. The stakes need to be inserted about 11-12 inches into the ground. If the area gets too much wind then make it deeper to about 18-19 inches. Keep the stakes straight and tightly fitted in the ground and surrounded well with clay.

Select the twines

The twines should be less stretchable and more durable. The adverse weather conditions should also not damage the twines. Jute twines work well for tomato plants. The thick twine heavy-duty hemp cord is great that is easy to tie and durable.

Wrapping the twine or weaving

Tie the knot to the twine tightly and properly not making the stake fall and roll the twine three-four times around the stake, about 8 inches above the ground. The string needs to be placed as if you are weaving the twine around the plants without damaging them. The twine then needs to be taken forward towards the first plant next to the stake and then behind the second plant. Then take the twine further and loop it around the second stake. Do the same with the following set of plants keeping checking that the twine stays parallel to the ground and the low-tied twine line. 

Repeat the process

You will also need to continue weaving the twine string the stakes as well as the plants with the increase in height of the pants and for maximum yield you can prune the tomatoe plants. So the parallel rows of twine will keep adding with the height of the tomato plant. 

Keep in mind

The plants should not be pulled with force while tying a knot on the stakes. Keep moving with twine in hand and move to the first stake, tie off, and cut the twine. 

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Advantages of trellising the tomato plants 

  • The Florida weave helps the plants to keep straight and vertical and not much bending which provides better circulation of air to many parts of the tomato plants. 
  • The stems get infected or the leaves rot due to moisture on the ground as the stems of tomato plants fall due to the weight of tomatoes. Twine gives the plants support and prevents them from falling.
  • This way of trellising the tomato plants using Florida weave is super easy and also budget-friendly. 

Final words of the context

We hope you find this article helpful in figuring out the process of trellising the tomato plants. The tomato plant needs good care and being a vine plant they need good support. Enjoy the plants, enjoy the gardening! 


How far apart should tomatoes be for Florida weave?

The tomato plant needs to be two feet apart between the stables at the corners. You can plant one tomato between the stakes or even two to make sure they are not too close as the plant will get tall and wider too. 

What is the best way to tie up tomato plants?

Use tomato twine or string made of jute, the plants should be touching the string not very rigidly. The jute material can be a little harsh or rough to stem. The string should be tied loosely to the stakes so plants are not pulled. 

When should you tie tomato plants?

The tomatoes get to a height of more than 11 inches which means they are in danger of getting drooped and falling, which is bizarre. The tomato plants as they reach 5-9 inches should be tied up. 

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