Pothos N Joy vs Pearls and Jade (Differences and Similarities)

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Let us clear the confusion regarding Pothos N Joy vs Pearls and Jade with the help of some points of Differences and Similarities. We are aware of your love for the pothos plants that are such brilliant houseplants. The N Joy and pearl and jade plants are one of the best pothos. The plants are easy to grow, but many times there comes confusion between the N Joy and pearls and jade plants. Though the pothos N Joy, Pearls and Jade plants came from the Marble Queen plants.

Pothos N Joy vs Pearls and Jade

You see both the plants have almost similar growing needs but N Joy plants have leaves with green patterns on the white color backdrop whereas the pearls and jade plants have varied color variegation like pf green, cream, and white. The pothos N Joy and pearls and jade plants grow in well-drained soil and bright indirect sunlight. But pearls and jade plants moderate sunlight more. The leaves of Pothos N Joy should be medium-sized and variegation starts to fade or lose in the dim light or shady areas. The leaves of pearls and jade plants are tiny and compact. The pearls and jade plants even in the low light dont lose variegation.

Differences between Pothos N Joy and pearls and jade plants

Pothos N Joy plants and pearls and jade plants are beautiful types. Here are the differences

Leaf size

Both plants have leaves of almost similar size, but the leaves of earls and jade plants are about 2-3 inches smaller than the N joy pothos plant. The other difference is that the leaves of the N Joy pothos plant have glossy leaves with a leather-like texture while the leaves of pearls and jade plants have crispy-like paper. Both plants need indirect bright sunlight for the proper growth and color of leaves with variegation. 

Leaves color

The leaves of N joy pothos plants have colors that might change as they grow and as the light they get. If the sunlight is low the color might fade a little. Usually, the N joy pothos plants have leaves with a color more whitish background with green splashes or shades in between. Whereas the pearls and jade plants have leaves with a blend of green and white color with spots of grey color in between. 

Light requirements

The pearls and jade plants cannot tolerate strong sunlight as the pothos n joy plants can withstand high sunlight. Both plants must get good bright indirect sunlight. The color of the leaves gets deeper and more vibrant with a good amount of sunlight. 

Similarities between the pothos N Joy and pearls and jade plants


The plants N joy and pearls and jade plants are easy to grow and grow at a slow speed. Both plants don’t get to too much height but they can get to 10 feet or more if the proper care is given to them. 


Both plants can be easily propagated and grow more in your house. The N Joy pothos and pearls and jade plants can be propagated by cutting luke stem cutting using a sharp pruner and then placing them in a jar of water for a few days. Transplant the section in the soil as the roots appear. 

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The soil for both plants should be well drained. Pothos N joy and pearls and kade plants love the soil to be moist and water should easily pass through the soil particles. The soil should have little perlite, bark, and sand in it. 


The Pothos N joy plants like high humidity which is the same case in pearls and jade plants. The plant-like moisture in the surrounding air too. The humidity gets low and the leaves start to show crispy edges. The plants should get humidity of about 50-60 %, if not then you can spray the plant to add moisture to the soil. Make sure you spray the plants in the morning time. 


The temperature for both plants comes in a similar range that is 65 to 85 degrees Fahrenheit. The indoor temperature is suitable for both N joy and pearls and jade plants. The temperature too low can easily make them sick and even kill them. During the frosting weather, the plant should be inside the house. 


The pothos N joy plants just like pearls and jade plants don’t need much fertilizer in the later stages of growth through the plants need nutrients in high amounts in the growing season. The fertilizer should be diluted with little compost in it. The fertilizer needs to be given one time a year which is trow times a year in the early growing stages. Don’t fertilize the pothos in winter or fall time as the plant is usually dormant at this time. 

Which is best – Pothos N joy or Pearls and jade plants?

The leaves of pearls and jade plants have an aesthetic appearance whereas the Pothos N Joy plants put less stress on caring for the growers. The leaves of pearls and jade plants are variegated just like the leaves of marble queen plants. Both of these plants can go in hanging baskets but the pearls and jade plants are best for hanging baskets. Also, the pearls and jade plants can be more easily propagated than the pothos n Joy plants. So if you want some unique kook then go for pearls and jade otherwise pothos N joy plants are easy maintenance plants. 

Summing up the context

By now we hope you have understood what is the difference between the pothos N joy and pearls and jade plants. Though both of these have a lot in common in this article, we have tried to compile all the important information that you need to know regarding these two plants. Hope this article was useful to you. Happy planting and happy curiosity! 


Are pearls and jade pothos? 

Pearls and jade plants are pothos varieties that are smaller in size. These plants grow up to a height of 3 inches. Being vine plants they don’t get too wide that much. 

Are Pothos N Joy plants rare? 

The answer is yes, Pothos N Joy plants are rare plants. 

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