When to Pick Serrano Peppers? – The best time to Harvest them! 

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When to Pick Serrano Peppers? Have you grown serrano peppers in your home garden? If yes, then great. But what if you have not grown them? Then you are going wrong somewhere. Growing peppers in your yard is an amazing thing to do as it is a great addition to count in your collection. But it is a tricky and easy crop to grow in the garden. 

You might have grown jalapenos in your garden, so the next one should be serrano peppers. It originated from the Mexican states of Puebla and Hidalgo. This crop is grown in almost every gardener’s area in the United States. You just need to know the right time to pick serrano peppers. It is suggested to pick serrano peppers when they attain green color as it shows that they are becoming mature.

Do you want to grow this amazing crop? If yes, then stay connected you will come to know the process of growing them. Moreover, for its maintenance and proper use, you need to know when you should pick them and also what is the best time to harvest them so that you can get your desired and spicy results. What else do you need?

Before jumping into its information, you need to know the exact meaning of serranos. Let’s proceed. 

What Are Serranos?

Serrano peppers are chili peppers that belong to the capsicum genus. People call serranos peppers but it is not true, they are the chilies. Serranos are one of the famous crops to be grown in the garden.

These chilies are green in color and give a spicier taste. They attain a height of about 3-4 as long as chili peppers. People eat them when they become green in color. 

When To Pick Serrano Peppers? 

Growing serrano peppers is good, but you need to know when you have to pick them. If you know when to pick them, then it’s great but if not, no worries! We will make you understand. These peppers will start to develop in green color. They will attain a length of 3-4 inches. Guys, you can eat the yummy chilies any time when you want to in their growing season. 

With the growing change in the peppers, serranos will change their color too, from green to red then brown, orange, etc. After this stage, the peppers will start to fall from the plant and some of them might get destroyed. So it is recommended to pick the serrano peppers when they are green in color or when they tend to change color. 

When you easily pull them when they grow at their best or when they are ready. You can get their long-lasting effect and get their light sweet taste. 

What is the best time to harvest the Serrano peppers? 

If you planted your serrano peppers in the right way, then they will be prepared to harvest in around 80 days. Their harvesting time will vary depending on their style. You have to wait so that they can attain their mature size and then it will give you the flavor. 

You are suggested to harvest the serrano peppers when they become green in color, at that time, they will be more productive. You can cut them with the help of shears.

Make sure not to pull them as it will injure the stem. Moreover, you can wear any gloves and pull them. Then for future use or storage, you can put them in the freezer. They will be better there. 

How can you care for the serrano peppers? 

Caring for any plant just like Woodland Phlox plant is very important as they won’t give you the results if you won’t maintain them. So, below are the caring tips for the serrano peppers

1. Sunlight needs 

They tend to grow in the place where they receive full sun for their growth. You can provide them with 6 hours of sunlight in a day. 

2. Water needs 

You have to water your plant when the soil gets dry about 1-2 inches deep down.

Try not to overwater the plants. You can water the bottom of the plants as it will help them in preventing diseases. 

3. Fertilizer needs 

Serrano peppers need heavy fertilizers for their growing and production. You have to provide them with a balanced vegetable fertilizer at the time of planting them. 

4. Soil needs 

Serrano peppers will grow the best in organic soil and well-drained soil. So, provide them so that they can grow at their best. 

Concluding lines 

In this guide, you come to know about serrano peppers. Serrano peppers are chili peppers that belong to the capsicum genus. People call serranos peppers but it is not true, they are the chilies. Serranos are one of the famous crops to be grown in the garden.  I hope you are clear with the information about when you have to pick and harvest them.


1. How big should a serrano be before you pick it?

You can pick the serrano when they reach 3-4 inches lengthwise. So, at that time you can pick them up and eat them. 

2. Are serrano peppers hotter when they turn red?

When serranos turn from green to red then they become slightly sweeter and also a bit spicier. When they get the red color, they become hotter. 

3. Can you freeze serrano peppers?

Yes, serrano peppers can be frozen, they can be sliced or frozen as a whole. 

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