Why is my Lucky Bamboo Turning Yellow? (And How to Fix it)

Why is my Lucky Bamboo Turning Yellow? (And How to Fix it)

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Why is my Lucky Bamboo Turning Yellow? Lucky bamboo is a great species that is grown by almost every farmer in his yard. It is a good flooring plant that is known as the perennial herb. It can attain a height of about 100 cm tall. Lucky bamboo has large leaves that come in green color. The appearance of this plant looks gorgeous in your plant. 

Key takeaways:

  • Lucky bamboo suffers from an issue that makes the plant unhealthy by developing yellow-colored leaves in it.
  • It happens when the plant is not able to fulfill its basic needs like sunlight, watering, soil, fertilizer, humidity, temperature, etc.

These factors are the reasons behind the yellow turning of the lucky bamboo. 

If you want to know why your lucky bamboo is turning yellow in detail, then you have to read the whole article to understand it properly and know How to Fix it. There are the big issues that need to be taken into consideration so that you find ways for fixing them. So, let’s begin this guide to know about the causes of the yellow-colored leaves of lucky bamboo and the ways to fix them. 

What Is Lucky Bamboo?

Lucky bamboo is one of the most grown houseplants that belongs to the Asparagaceae genus. These plants can be grown in the soil and even in water. They are scientifically known as Dracaena sanderiana. The stalks of the bamboo look like bamboo plants. So, they belong to the same family. This bamboo has amazing deep roots which look great in your home garden. It is said that these plants bring love, growth, and good luck to your life. So, planting them would be great for you.  

Why is my lucky bamboo turning yellow? 

Lucky bamboo tends to get spoiled by various issues that will be explained in this guide. You will observe its symptoms and one of them is yellow-colored bamboo. So, below are the causes of the lucky bamboo turning yellow. Read it properly: 

Sunlight problems

Sunlight is one of the components that are needed by plants so that they grow well. Lucky bamboo needs to thrive in the bright sunlight. Sometimes these plants do not receive a good amount of sunlight for their growth which makes the leaves of the plant yellow. It is not a good sign for the plants.

Even when the lucky bamboo gets exposed to the sunlight for a long time, then it becomes sunburned which develops yellow patches on the plant leaves. So, you need to fix this issue so that you save your plant. 

Watering and Soil issues 

Soil is a source through which the plant grows. Lucky bamboo thrives in moist soil for its growth. When the soil becomes too dry because of water issues. Some farmers water the plants in excess which makes the soil soggy. 

Underwatering can even harm the growth of the plants by developing yellow-colored leaves in the lucky bamboo. Every plant has drainage holes that help in preventing stagnant water and do not cause overwatering. But if the plants become overwatered then it will make the plant’s leaves yellow which is not a good sign. 

Lack of nutrients

Nutrients are one of the sources that are needed by plants for their survival. It includes nitrogen, potassium, phosphorus, etc. The leaves of the plants indeed begin to change their color when they do not get sufficient nutrients to thrive. 

They will start to wilt their leaves and the growth of the plant will be restricted. When the plants lack macronutrients and even micronutrients then they will change the color of their leaves to yellow. So, you need to maintain the nutrient balance in the plant so that you grow healthy Lucky bamboo in the home garden. 

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Humidity issues 

One of the issues faced by lucky bamboo is humidity issues. Lucky bamboo can not grow in areas where there is low humidity. They need high humidity for their survival. In dry weather, transpiration happens immediately because of the loss of water. 

After this, the plants will lose their water from the leaves which will cause a water loss in the plants. It will result in the yellow-colored leaves of the Lucky bamboo. If you want to take the benefit of your Lucky bamboo then you have to assure that you are not spoiling your plant because of the humidity conditions. You will see its fixes in the below guide. 

Supply of inappropriate temperature water

Last but not least, sometimes you provide the wrong temperature water to your Lucky bamboo which does not suit the plant. It will ultimately result in the yellowing of the leaves of Lucky bamboo. 

It is so farmers tend to supply cold water to the plants which is not good for the growth of Lucky bamboo. So, you have to fix this issue so that your plant survives well. 

How to fix the yellow-colored lucky bamboo?

Numerous ways can help you in fixing your yellow-colored lucky bamboo. This can be done with the help of the  following tips: 

Change the location of your plant 

The next thing that you can do for fixing the yellow-colored leaves is to change the location of your lucky bamboo. As you know these plants need indirect sunlight to thrive well. Do not keep the plants in a place where there is direct sunlight. 

It is so because these plants will get sunburned if they are overexposed to the full sun. so, moving them to locations with indirect sunlight will be great for these plants. 

Spray your plants with water

For Moravian humidity conditions in your area, you need to mist your plants so that it increases the level of humidity in your plants. As you know lucky bamboo needs high humidity for its growth. 

So, if you mist them with water then you can increase the humidity. It will not develop any yellow-colored leaves in the plant but rather prevent it. 

Make use of good quality water

Water is required by every plant for its growth. The same goes for the lucky bamboo. They tend to thief well if you feed them with good quality water. You can make use of some distilled water, or mineral water to water your plants so that they gain nutrients from them. 

It will keep the plants safe by providing chlorine and fluoride to your plants. Water your plants one time for 24 hours as it will suit the growth of the plants.

Fulfill their fertilizer needs

The next thing that you have to do is to provide fertilizer to your lucky bamboo one time after every 14 days. It keeps the nutrients in the plant which makes the plant healthy. 

They do not like to be over-fertilized as it can cause issues like root rot, yellow colored leaves in the plants. So, you have to feed them with light fertilizer for their growth.  

Things to keep in mind: 

  • Make use of a humidifier to increase the humidity level in the area. 
  • You can place the plant on the pebble tray so that evaporation happens. 
  • Make sure you are growing some plants together as it will increase the humidity. 
  • Water your plants once a week to thrive well.
  • Spray the plant with water so that the plant does not remain dry and prevent fungus. 

Concluding lines

In this guide, you come to know that Sometimes Lucky bamboo suffers from an issue that makes the plant unhealthy by developing yellow-colored leaves in it. It happens when the plant is not able to fulfill its basic needs like sunlight, watering, soil, fertilizer, humidity, temperature, etc. These factors are the reasons behind the yellow turning of the lucky bamboo. Read the whole guide for its proper understanding. 

Thanks for reading! Happy gardening!


Should I cut the yellow off my lucky bamboo?

Yes, you have to cut the yellow-colored leaves into the lucky bamboo. Observe the affected areas in the plant and cut them off so that it does not spread anymore. 

Can you save a bamboo after it turns yellow?

Yes, you can save the bamboo after it turns yellow. It can be easily done by cutting the unknown leaves in the plants so that it develops the new growth of the plant. 

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